Akbar Mashti

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Traditional Iranian Ice Cream: Akbar Mashti

Akbar Mashti, born in a village in Malayer, was the first Iranian to start the ice cream business. His real name was Akbar Mashhadi Malayeri and he decided to open Iran’s first ice cream parlor with the financial help of his brother.

Akbar Mashti used some herbs instead of food additives with great effort. At that time, due to the lack of refrigerators, ice cream makers had to go to the mountains around Tehran in search of ice during the winter and people used natural refrigerators. The brothers also dug wells up to 60 meters deep to store ice and produce their typical Iranian ice cream in summer.

Since then, traditional Iranian ice cream has been known as Akbar Mashti Bastani (ice cream), which is usually served between two pieces of crisp white waffle. The combination of milk, eggs, sugar, rose water, saffron, vanilla and pistachios is definitely a great choice, while the chunks of ice cream inside complete the flavor. You can order a simple traditional ice cream or a saffron ice cream or even a combination of both. The accompaniment of a good Faludeh will also be pleasantly tasty.


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