Is Iran safe to visit for tourists?

There is one essential question for tourists who plan to travel to Iran: Is it safe to travel to Iran? The image of Iran seems uncertain or risky for most tourists from western countries. Perhaps the emergence of this attitude is the result of the government’s inappropriate diplomatic relations with countries such as the United States and England and the wrong decisions of the Iranian government in dealing with Western countries. Many people worldwide have a negative view of Iran and Iranian people due to the media’s propaganda and the speeches of their political figures against the nation of Iran. This view is far from Iran’s realities and the Iranian people’s personality and culture, and it can be said that Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East for tourists. In this article, we, as a tourist service agency, “Sito Travel,” have tried to share correct and honest information with you about the most important concerns and questions of foreign tourists about traveling to Iran; So, to know the facts, we recommend you to read the following article.

The most important points you need before traveling to Iran

You can read the most important points you need when traveling to Iran on this page. We have tried to answer your most important mental concerns and the most vital information you need.

Security in Iran

Contrary to the negative propaganda of some Western media, Iran is a safe country and does not pose a threat to citizens and tourists. In recent years, despite the rise of terrorist groups such as ISIS and the Taliban in the Middle East and some of their attacks in the heart of Europe, Iran has become immune to such human rights abuses and has become known as the safe island of the Middle East. Despite the relative insecurity that prevails in the world, not a single case of widespread terrorist incident has been reported in this country.


Borujerd county capital in Lorestan province, western Iran. Among the cities of Iran, Borujerd is one of the oldest since the 9th century. In the Sassanid Empire, Borujerd was a small town near Nahavand. Borujerd attracted much attention during the Seljuk empire of the 9th and 10th centuries. It was a commercial and strategic city in the Zagros Mountains until the 20th century. In its golden age, during the Qajar dynasty (18th and 19th centuries), Borujerd was chosen as the capital of the Lorestan and Khuzestan region.

Today Borujerd is the second largest city in Lorestan and the main industrial, tourist and cultural center of the region. The city has preserved its ancient architecture and way of life, mainly thanks to the mosques, bazaars and houses built during the Qajar era. Its inhabitants are mainly of Lur origin, but there is a minority of Laks who also live in Borujerd and speak Laki, such as the Balavand, Ghisavand, Shahivand.

Iran is known as a four-season country that has many tourist attractions. From the works registered in UNESCO to the beautiful cities, deserts, forests, mountains and seas, each of them are among the tourist attractions of Iran, they have unique beauty and attract millions of tourists every year.

Iran is known as one of the friendliest countries due to the hospitality of its people. This country speaks of ancient civilizations and glorious days of the past. You must see and experience beautiful gardens and traditional markets.

In Iran, you can experience old structures with amazing architecture and pristine nature.

Iran is a country that all the people of the world should visit. Traveling to Iran can change your opinion. Because Iran is different from all the things you have heard and the media portrays it. You can ask this from your friends who have come to Iran.

Shiraz, the city of poets in love and Bitter orange blossoms!

Shiraz is one of the popular tourist cities in Iran that attracts domestic and foreign tourists yearly. In April, spring orange blossoms with a pleasant fragrance turn the entire city into a paradise. Shiraz is one of Iran’s most valuable tourist areas due to its historical, natural, and cultural reasons. For more information about the admirable city of Shiraz, stay with Sito travel agency.

Golestan Palace in Tehran is one of Iran’s royal palaces, registered in the list of national monuments of Iran, and is open to the public. In all countries with a glorious history of civilization and governance, kings and their entourages have built extraordinary architectural works, and many of these palaces and palaces are still standing. Many palaces have been turned into museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, or other cultural and recreational uses that need to be restored and protected with better supervision and financial facilities. For this reason, parts of Golestan Palace are open to visitors today as museums. Stay with us to learn more about this beautiful and fantastic palace.

When we talk about Iran Traditional Hotels, what do you imagine?

Old architecture, walls made of mud and straw, wooden windows with colorful glasses, Iranian traditional music, water fountains, Iranian food and handicrafts, getting familiar with the rich Iranian culture. It has always been attractive and enjoyable for tourists who travel to Iran.

Many of the Iran traditional hotels and boutique hotels in Iran that have now become tourist accommodations in the past were houses or caravanserais that have been renovated and repurposed. For example, the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan was once a caravanserai and is now known as the largest and most beautiful Iran traditional hotels and even the Middle East.

Shopping is always one of the most attractive activities for tourists during their travel to Iran. The traditional Bazaars of Iran, in addition to the pleasures of buying and preparing souvenirs, are a wonderful place to observe the beautiful Iranian architecture and learn more about the culture of Iranian peoples. Most cities in Iran have a traditional market, among which a few are the most famous and valuable. In this article from SITO travel, we want to review the most famous and beautiful traditional Bazaars of Iran, so stay with us until the end of the article.

What is a caravanserai? What was the purpose of the caravanserais in the past?

In the past, Iranian caravanserais were resting places for groups and people who reached this place after a long walk, put their horses in the stables of the caravanserais, and rested after drinking water and eating Iranian food.
In the past, travel was not as common as it is today, and due to the difficulties of the road, travel was limited to business trips, and the most important concern for businessmen was accommodation on the way. Iranian caravanserais were also built with the same goals.
Due to its good geographical location, Iran has always been at the center of main and communication routes. One of these important highways was the Silk Road; This road was a series of interconnected roads that connected East, West and South Asia together and to North Africa and Eastern Europe; The route that was considered the biggest and main commercial route in the world.
After the industrial revolution and the emergence of motorized transport, Persian caravanserais also lost their initial prosperity. Many of them were abandoned and gradually turned into ruins. The use of some Iranian caravanserais was also changed, and today they have turned into restaurants, traditional hotels and accommodation for tourists.