Iran is a vast and historical land in West Asia. This country was one of the first centers of Neanderthal human life, and also the history of Iran is as old as the history of civilization. According to evidence found by archaeologists, human life on this land dates back about 100,000 years ago. The history of Iran is a long and complex story that includes the history of empires, the formation of cities, wars, etc. When the glorious era of Iran’s history ended and foreign invaders attacked it, this country experienced many ups and downs. The history of Iran shows us how a nation has passed through the most glorious periods of human history and how it endured its days of collapse. The history of Iran is a mysterious story of a nation that has tried to preserve its identity by emphasizing its cultural richness. In this article, to familiarize and increase your knowledge of the history and civilization of Iran, Sito Travel agency has prepared a summary of the rich history of Iran in simple language and chronological order, so stay with us until the end of this text.