Is Iran safe to visit for tourists?

There is one essential question for tourists who plan to travel to Iran: Is it safe to travel to Iran? The image of Iran seems uncertain or risky for most tourists from western countries. Perhaps the emergence of this attitude is the result of the government’s inappropriate diplomatic relations with countries such as the United States and England and the wrong decisions of the Iranian government in dealing with Western countries. Many people worldwide have a negative view of Iran and Iranian people due to the media’s propaganda and the speeches of their political figures against the nation of Iran. This view is far from Iran’s realities and the Iranian people’s personality and culture, and it can be said that Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East for tourists. In this article, we, as a tourist service agency, “Sito Travel,” have tried to share correct and honest information with you about the most important concerns and questions of foreign tourists about traveling to Iran; So, to know the facts, we recommend you to read the following article.

The most important points you need before traveling to Iran

You can read the most important points you need when traveling to Iran on this page. We have tried to answer your most important mental concerns and the most vital information you need.

Security in Iran

Contrary to the negative propaganda of some Western media, Iran is a safe country and does not pose a threat to citizens and tourists. In recent years, despite the rise of terrorist groups such as ISIS and the Taliban in the Middle East and some of their attacks in the heart of Europe, Iran has become immune to such human rights abuses and has become known as the safe island of the Middle East. Despite the relative insecurity that prevails in the world, not a single case of widespread terrorist incident has been reported in this country.