The most beautiful cities in Iran from the point of view of tourists
The most beautiful cities in Iran

Iran is known as a four-season country that has many tourist attractions. From the works registered in UNESCO to the beautiful cities, deserts, forests, mountains and seas, each of them are among the tourist attractions of Iran, they have unique beauty and attract millions of tourists every year.

Iran is known as one of the friendliest countries due to the hospitality of its people. This country speaks of ancient civilizations and glorious days of the past. You must see and experience beautiful gardens and traditional markets.

In Iran, you can experience old structures with amazing architecture and pristine nature.

Iran is a country that all the people of the world should visit. Traveling to Iran can change your opinion. Because Iran is different from all the things you have heard and the media portrays it. You can ask this from your friends who have come to Iran.

Your trip to Iran will be very safe, peaceful and amazing at the same time. The hospitality of Iranians will surprise you and this is a moral characteristic of Iranians. Iranians treat their guests with great respect and infinite kindness.

Also, in Iran, you will witness flawless and beyond imagination Iranian art and architecture. Mosques, palaces of kings and all existing structures in Iran are proof of this.

Stay with SITO travel to introduce the most beautiful cities in Iran.

This article was written according to the opinions of tourists who have traveled to Iran.

The most popular and beautiful cities of Iran

Many cities in Iran are so beautiful and eye-catching that they have become famous all over the world and tourists from different countries travel to Iran to visit them. Below is the list of the most beautiful cities in Iran.

  1. Shiraz
  2. Isfahan
  3. Tehran
  4. Yazd
  5. Kerman
  6. Kashan
  7. Tabriz
  8. Mashhad
  9. Kermanshah
  10. Ahvaz
  11. Qom
  12. Qeshm
  13. Kish
  14. Zanjan
  15. Rasht
  16. Ramsar
  17. Sari
  18. Hormoz
  19. Susa
  20. Chabahar
  21. Ardabil
  22. Sareyn
  23. Bandar Abbas
  24. Marivan

In the following, we will introduce the best and most beautiful cities in Iran:

1. Shiraz “shahr-e raz”, the most beautiful city in Iran

Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, which was the capital of Iran during the rule of Al Boyeh and Zandiyeh. Shiraz is known as the city of poets, literature, flowers and wine. The presence of many gardens, including Eram Garden, Delgosha Garden and Afif Abad Garden, shows the love, purity and intimacy of Shiraz.

Shiraz is the birthplace of Iranian poets such as Hafez and Saadi. On your trip to Shiraz, you can visit the tombs of Hafez and Saadi.

Tourist attractions of Shiraz are: Hafez’s tomb, Saadi’s tomb, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Karim Khan Citadel, Nasir al-Molk Mosque, Shah Cheragh Shrine, Afif Abad Garden, Jahan Nama Garden, Narenjestan Qavam, Qoran Gate, Takht-e Jamshed (Persepolis), Pasargad.

Takht Jamshid or Persepolis is a sign of the grandeur of the Achaemenid government, which all people of the world know and visit during their trip to Iran.

It is worth mentioning that Persepolis, Pasargad and Eram Garden of Shiraz have been registered in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Is it safe to travel to Shiraz?

The beautiful city of Shiraz is famous for the love, sincerity and hospitality of the people and it is one of the safest and most attractive cities in Iran for tourists.

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shiraz most beautiful cities in Iran

2. Isfahan half of the world, the most beautiful cities in Iran

The ancients considered Isfahan to be the largest and most beautiful city in the world, that’s why they called it nesf-e jahan (half of the world). Today, Isfahan is the sixth most populous city in Iran and one of the tourist hubs of Iran. The presence of old Islamic buildings next to Iranian gardens has given this city a beautiful charm. In fact, Isfahan is known as the birthplace of Islamic architecture in Iran and acts as a living cultural museum.

Isfahan was chosen as the capital of Iran three times. During the reign of Seljuks, Al Buyeh and Safavid (between 1050 and 1722 AD). The city of Isfahan flourished in the 16th century during the Safavid rule.

Among the tourist attractions of Isfahan, you can visit “Shah” Mosque, “Sheikh Lotfollah” Mosque, Isfahan Historical Market, “Naqsh-e Jahan” Square, “Ali Qapu” Palace, “chehel sotun” Palace, Minarjanban, “Si-o se pol” (Thirty Three Bridges), “Atashkadeh”, Safavid era palaces, and unique churches, Like the Vank Cathedral, which has been left from centuries ago.

Among the works of Isfahan registered in the UNESCO World Heritage, we can mention Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Chehel Sotun and Jame Mosque of Isfahan.

In addition to seeing the ancient monuments mentioned in Isfahan, you can taste the local dishes of Isfahan and have a memorable night stay in traditional hotels.

Isfahan, is one of the best and most beautiful cities in Iran, is the best place to buy souvenirs. You can buy all kinds of handicrafts such as: “Khatam Kari) “inlay work, kalam kari (Etched), enamel work, or edible such as gaz, pulaki, etc. as souvenirs.

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isfahan most beautiful cities in Iran

3. Tehran, the best cities in Iran

Tehran has been chosen as the capital of Iran for 230 years, and with a population of more than 15 million people, it is considered one of the most populous industrial cities in the world. Tehran is a popular tourist destination with rich historical monuments. SITO travel agency always places Tehran in the travel plans of tourists.

Tehran’s tourist attractions include the Grand Bazaar, National Museum of Iran, Golestan Palace,Saadabad Complex, Milad Tower, Azadi Tower, Tehran Traditional Market, Abgineh Museum, Carpet Museum, Nature Bridge, etc.

Golestan Palaces are registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Considering all the contents mentioned in the travel plan to Iran, you should definitely include Tehran in your list.

Is it safe to travel to Tehran?

In response to the question, we must say that despite the large population, Tehran has a very rich culture, and your safety is guaranteed during your entire stay in Tehran.

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most beautiful cities in Iran, tehran

4. The most beautiful cities in Iran, Yazd

The historical city of Yazd, a part of which is registered in the UNESCO world heritage, is famous for its traditional architecture, beautiful wind towers and thatched architecture.

While traveling to Yazd, in addition to visiting historical monuments, desert architecture and traditional neighborhoods, don’t forget to visit Zoroastrian fire temple.

Yazd fire temple is the oldest one in the world that has not been extinguished since its ignition.

The historical part of Yazd is a unique structure in the world with winding alleys that symbolize the culture and climate of that region. The authentic culture and customs of the people of Yazd have always been noticed by tourists.

Staying in the historical houses of Yazd can bring you an unforgettable experience.

Termeh is one of the famous handicrafts of Yazd that you can buy as a souvenir.

Most popular tourist attractions in Yazd are “Dowlat Abad” Garden, “Atash kadeh yazd” (Yazd Fire Temple), Towers of Silence, “Amir Chakhmaq” Complex, Zurkhaneh Sahib Al Zaman, Yazd Jame Mosque, Laris House, Iskander Prison, Narin Castle and the attractions of Meibod city.

The historical context of Yazd, Daulat Abad Garden, Pahlavan Pur Mehriz Garden, Zarch Aqueduct and Hassan Abad Aqueduct are among the works of Yazd registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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The most beautiful cities in Iran, Yazd

5. The most beautiful cities of Iran, Kerman

Kerman is the largest province of Iran, which is located in the central and desert areas. The core of Kerman city is made of brick and mud, which is rare in the whole world.

Kerman province is the location of ancient civilizations. According to the obtained documents, Jiroft is one of the oldest cities in the world, where civilization begins.

The most important tourist attractions of Kerman city are Bam Citadel, Ganj Ali Khan Bath, Shah Nematullah Wali shrine and Shazdeh Mahan Garden, Maimand Village and desert attractions.

Maimand village is a rocky village where people speak their own local language.

Kerman is one of the most peaceful cities in Iran and its people are known for being peaceful and hospitable.

Bam Citadel, Shazdeh Mahan Garden, Maimand Village and Lut Desert are among the tourist attractions of Kerman province that are on the UNESCO list.

Among the souvenirs of Kerman, we can mention hand-woven carpets, dates, and sweets such as komaj.

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The most beautiful cities in Iran, kerman

6. Kashan, the beautiful cities of Iran

Kashan is one of the historical and beautiful cities of Iran, which according to experts is more than 8 thousand years old. The historical houses built in Kashan have made it one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Iran.

Kashan rose water is one of the most famous rose water in the world. The “Golab Giri” ceremony brings many tourists to Kashan every year.

The tourist attractions of Kashan are: Bagh Fin, Kashan Bazaar, historical houses of Boroujerdi, Abbasi House and Tabatabai House, Mahinstan Raheb House, Ameri House, Manouchehri House.

The distinctive features of Kashan’s traditional houses include magnificent Iranian architecture, colorful windows, beautiful mirrors, and stunning wall paintings.

When you travel to Kashan, you can stay in the traditional hotels of this city and experience a memorable night.

While traveling to this beautiful city, remember to visit the historical village of Abyaneh. The existence of various religious temples such as mosques, fire temples, and churches shows the civilization and authenticity of Abyaneh, so that people of different religions can live together.

Silk Hill and Fin Garden are registered in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Fin garden is an example of a beautiful Iranian garden, another reason for its fame is the assassination of the famous Iranian prime minister named Amir Kabir in its bath.

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The most beautiful cities in Iran, kashan

7- Tabriz, the most beautiful and best cities in Iran

Tabriz is the capital of West Azarbaijan province, whose people are Azeri. This city is one of the best cities in Iran to live in.

Tabriz is known for its traditional and prosperous bazaar, hand-woven carpets and traditional baths, and it has a lot of historical heritage. The city of Tabriz is the birthplace of many Iranian poets, including Rumi and Shams, who are world famous.

Among the tourist attractions of Tabriz, we can mention El Goli (Shah Goli), Blue Mosque, Tabriz Bazaar, Azerbaijan Museum, Tabriz Citadel, St. Stephen’s Church, Qareh Church, Holy Mary Church, Behnam House, etc.

Another tourist attraction in Tabriz is Kandovan village, which has a unique structure and the houses of this village are built in the heart of the stone and are more than 700 years old, and it is interesting to know that people still live there.

Tabriz traditional bazaar is the largest covered bazaar in the world with an amazing architecture that has been registered in the UNESCO list.

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The most beautiful cities in Iran, tabriz

8. Mashhad, a pilgrimage city of Iran

Mashhad can also be in the list of the most beautiful cities in Iran. The city of Mashhad is the second largest city in the country, and many tourists visit Imam Reza’s shrine every year.

During your trip to Mashhad, you can buy saffron, Mashhad hand-woven carpets, silver rings, etc. as souvenirs.

The tourist attractions of Mashhad are: Imam Reza Shrine, Nader Shah Mausoleum, Ferdowsi Mausoleum, the main market of the city, Mahdi Qoli and Haruniyeh ponds, Taq-e Tala.

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Mashad, The most beautiful cities in Iran

9. Beautiful cities in Iran, Kermanshah

Kermanshah is a Kurdish city with ancient historical and natural attractions.

Bisotun historical site is one of the most amazing historical attractions of Iran located in Kermanshah.

Bisotun is an inscription carved in several languages on a rock. This historical work is more than 2000 years old and has been registered in the world list of UNESCO.

Other tourist attractions of Kermanshah include “Taq Bostan” and Anahita Temple.

Taq Bostan is a collection of inscriptions and petroglyphs belonging to the Sassanid period.

Among the local dishes of Kermanshah are grilled ribs and khoresht khalal, which are very delicious.

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The most beautiful cities in Iran, kermanshah

10. Ahvaz, the beautiful cities of Iran

Ahvaz should be included in the list of beautiful cities in Iran. Ahvaz is one of the southwestern cities of Iran, which is known as the city of bridges.

Nine bridges have been built on the Karun River, which has made this city famous. This city has kind, warm and hospitable people who are of different ethnicities such as Arab, Bakhtiari, Qashqai, Dezfuli, Shushtari, etc.

Tourist attractions in Ahvaz include: Karun River, Black Bridge, White Bridge, Ahvaz Waterfall, Chahar Shir Square, Chaghazanbil Ziggurat, Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, Apadana Palace, Daniyal Nabi Tomb, and Shush Castle.

The ancient site of Shush, the water structures of Shushtar and Chaghazanbil are among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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The most beautiful cities in Iran, ahwaz

last word

Iran is a country with thousands of years of civilization that will capture your heart with its unique beauty. The historical monuments of Iran are amazing in terms of architecture. During your trip to Iran, you will see Iranian palaces, buildings and mosques that have been standing after centuries, during many governments.

All the cities of Iran are beautiful and amazing. Each city has unique characteristics, customs and culture. Each of them has prospered and shone in a certain period. Iran is full of thousands of years old historical buildings, beautiful nature, traditional houses and attractive gardens.

Iran is as rich in tourist attractions as it is culturally rich. You will be surprised by the friendliness and hospitality of Iranians.

Now we have to answer the question, which is the most beautiful city in Iran?

Everyone has a different opinion on the answer to this question! Each of the Iranian cities has its own beauty and it is hard to say which Iranian city is more beautiful!

According to SITO Travel tourists, the most beautiful cities in Iran are: Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran, Yazd, Kerman, Kashan, Tabriz, Mashhad, Kermanshah.

Thank’s for being with SITO Travel until the end of the article on the most beautiful cities in Iran.


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