Shiraz, the city of poets in love and Bitter orange blossoms!

Shiraz is one of the popular tourist cities in Iran that attracts domestic and foreign tourists yearly. In April, spring orange blossoms with a pleasant fragrance turn the entire city into a paradise. Shiraz is one of Iran’s most valuable tourist areas due to its historical, natural, and cultural reasons. For more information about the admirable city of Shiraz, stay with Sito travel agency.

Introducing Shiraz

Shiraz is the capital of Fars province and Iran’s fifth-largest city in terms of population. Its population is equal to 1.6 million people. In the past, this city was also known as Shahraz, Tirazis, Kashtiuraz, Shahr-e Raz (City of secrets), and Shirsaz. But for the first time, the name of Shiraz was observed on one of the Elamite period clay tablets. Shiraz has an important place in the territory of Iran and is located on the north-south communication corridor of Iran. The distance from Shiraz to Tehran is 900 km, Isfahan 450 km, Yazd 400 km, and Bandar Abbas about 550 km. People of Shiraz speak Farsi in the Shirazi dialect. This city’s art and literature culture have a special place among Persian speakers due to the presence of great poets such as Saadi and Hafez. Historical monuments, great nature, beautiful urban fabric, and cultured and hospitable people have made Shiraz one of the most admirable cities for tourists.

Shiraz climate & weather

The city of Shiraz, with an area of ​​240 square kilometers, is rectangular and geographically located in the southwest of Iran and the central part of Fars, at the geographical coordinates of 29 degrees 36 minutes north and 52 degrees 32 minutes, with an altitude of 1480 to 1670 meters above sea level. Shiraz is surrounded by relatively high mountain ranges in the form of a strong fence. This city is surrounded by Mount Drak from the west, and Bemo, Sabzposhan, Chehl-maqam, and Babakohi mountains from the north.

The climate of Shiraz city is moderate due to its location in the mountainous region of Zagros. The average temperature in July (the hottest month) is 30°C; in January (the coldest month), it is 5°C, and the average annual temperature is 18°C. The annual rainfall of Shiraz is 337.8 mm.

Culture of Shiraz

Shiraz is the city of poetry, wine, gardens, flowers, and nightingales. Famous poets live in this city, making the town of poetry famous. Another symbol of this city is the garden. The garden is unique among Iranians, and Shiraz has been recognized for having many beautiful gardens since ancient times. The vineyards in Shiraz have made Shiraz wine world famous. They are also important tourist centers. Among the most famous of these gardens, we can mention Jahan Nama Garden, Eram Garden, Delgosha Garden, and Afif Abad Garden. The city of Shiraz was the venue of the Shiraz Art Festival during the Pahlavi period between 1968 and 1979. In its time, this festival was the most significant cultural event of its kind in the world, which was a place to gather the most prominent traditional artists of Iran all over the world and in different fields of art.

Religion in shiraz

The religion of most people in Shiraz is Islam. But this city still hosts a minority of Jews, and due to Christian propaganda activities, small groups of Protestant Christians live in Shiraz. For this reason, there are two active churches in Shiraz, one belonging to the Armenians and the other to the Anglican Church.

Hotel and residence in shiraz

Since Shiraz is one of the most touristic cities in Iran, it has many residences on different days of the year. From luxury hotels to traditional homes, apartments, cheap hotels, etc. After familiarizing yourself with Shiraz residences, you can apply for accommodation in Shiraz according to your budget and other priorities.

Tourist Attractions in shiraz

Shiraz is a paradise for tourists with different tastes. The tourist attractions of Shiraz are so diverse and abundant that they cover every taste, and you may even visit all its attractions with a single trip to Shiraz. The tourist attractions of Shiraz are placed in different categories: natural, historical, cultural, and religious, only some of which you can see here.

Persepolis of Shiraz

Takht-e Jamshid, 50 km from Shiraz, was the first civilized Iranian city built by Darius the Great. The Achaemenid dynasty conquered half of the world and formed one of the most significant dynasties in the world. In 1980, this city was added to the UNESCO World Register as a memory for future generations. There are stone chips on the faces of Darius I, King Xerxes, and Ardashir III, which show the power and glory of the Achaemenid dynasty.

Takht-e Jamshid (Persepolis of Shiraz)

Pasargad complex and the tomb of Cyrus the Great

One of Iran’s most beautiful and unique historical attractions is the Pasargad complex, which is located 30 km from Shiraz. This collection is of ancient structures from the Achaemenid era. The tomb of Cyrus the Great, who founded the Achaemenid Empire, is located in this place, and every year on October 29, people gather to commemorate him.

pasargad in shiraz

Vakil bazaar

Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz, an important bazaar which is also known as Shahi Bazaar and made during the reign of Pashahi Zandiyeh under the orders of Karim Khan. In Vakil Bazaar, most people’s everyday items are offered, among which Khatam Kari, carpets, and carpet weaving are the best. Beautiful tiling and delicate muqarnas attract you so that you unconsciously pick up your camera and start taking pictures.

Vakil bazaar

Vakil’s bathroom in Shiraz

Hamam Vakil is another souvenir of Karim Khan Zand and one of the must-see places in Shiraz. This bathroom is located in the city’s center near buildings such as Vakil Bazaar and Vakil Mosque. That era’s most advanced architectural principles were used to build this bathroom. Vakil’s bathroom also has a king’s room, which was used for the king’s use. The entrance to the bathroom is small and leads you with a gentle slope to the entrance hall, which is located below the ground level. The access to the dressing room is also angled and all this is because the heat does not leave the bathroom, and the cold is prevented from entering.

Vakil Mosque in Shiraz

This mosque is located near Hammam Vakil and Bazaar. Vakil Mosque has a particular architectural and artistic style, consisting of 2 porches and two in the south and east.

Vakil mosque panorama

Old Grand Mosque of Shiraz

The oldest mosque in Shiraz is Jame Atiq Mosque, also known as Adina Mosque and Friday Mosque. The building of this mosque is placed on a place of worship. It is not yet known to which period this place of worship belongs. The first mosque was built about 1200 years ago during Amrulith Safari.

Old Grand Mosque of Shiraz

Karimkhan Zand Citadel

Karim Khan Citadel is located near the bazaar and Vakil bath in the central area of ​​Shiraz city. This citadel was built by Karim Khan, the first king of the Zinda Dynasty, in 1775 and was considered the city’s central core at that time. A bath and a mosque were built in the Karim Khan citadel, which only the royal family could use. Of course, the bathhouse and the mosque have been turned into a museum and are available to those interested.

Karim khan Castel in shiraz

Shiraz Quran Gate

The Koran Gate is the entrance to Shiraz, which is surrounded by Baba Kohi mountains. This gate once contained two Qurans, handwritten by Sultan Ibrahim bin Shahrukh Gurkani in an upper room. The construction of the Qur’an Gate dates back to the Dilamian period (900-1000 AD). By order of Reza Shah during Pahlavi I’s time, the old gate of the Quran was destroyed, and a new gate was established again in 1949. This gate is bigger than the old gate.

The Quraan Gate of Shiraz

Hafiziyeh (Hafez Tomb)

Hafiziyeh is one of the most famous sightseeing places in Shiraz. This place, which has become famous because of the location of the tomb of the great Persian poet Hafez, is a cemetery complex in the southern part of the famous gate of Shiraz, the Qur’an Gate. Hafez, who has a global personality, attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit this complex every year.

Hafez Tomb in Shiraz (Hafezieh)

Saadieh (Saadi Tomb)

Saadi is one of the most famous sights in Shiraz and has always been the focus of literary lovers and people of poetry. The special atmosphere of this complex is attractive to every tourist and its unique building with a combination of old and new architecture, raised columns and azure tiles, captures the heart of every viewer. This place, which was Saadi’s residence during his lifetime, will become his tomb after his death.

Tomb of Saadi in shiraz

Eram garden of Shiraz

Eram Garden of Shiraz, considered the symbol of Shiraz city, has many unique plant species. Also, a lovely historical building is located in the heart of this garden, which adds to its beauty. Although the exact date of the construction of this garden is not known, historical evidence shows that it was built during the Seljuk dynasty by order of Sultan Sanjar.

Eram Garden in Shiraz

Narenjestan Qavam garden

This garden is known as the Qawam garden, which was established during the reign of Naseruddin Shah by order of Qawamul-Mulk II, Ali Muhammad Khan. The building base of this garden is about 940 square meters, and the area of ​​the garden itself is about 3500 square meters. A door on the south side of this garden opens to the vestibule, and you can go to the yard from two Correspondence road.

This building had two floors with a basement, a place for receiving guests, and administrative ceremonies. The garden building consists of marble columns, a mirror hall, a royal hall, and several other rooms. This building is decorated with glass, mirrors, carving, stone, inlay, muqarnas, and plasterwork. This garden was donated to Shiraz University in 1335 and is currently used as a museum.

Afif Abad garden

Afif Abad Garden is an attractive garden in Shiraz city. The green garden of Afif Abad welcomes many tourists in all seasons of the year who can visit its old bath. Of course, this bathroom has been changed to a cafe and museum. The reliefs on the wall are left over from the Qajar period, depicting the soldiers and kings of the Achaemenid and Sassanid dynasties. This museum garden keeps all the objects used in battles from ancient times to the present day, including cold weapons such as the swords of kings and firearms such as guns and heavy artillery.

Afif Abad garden

Delgosha garden

Delgosha garden is more than 6000 years old and is an integral part of the culture and history of Iran and Shiraz. Cyrus II had a meeting with the Spartan commander known as Lysander, which this commander narrated as follows: When Cyrus was not starting a war, he spent his time in the garden tending to the flowers and trees. This garden is so beautiful that the courtiers call it paradise, and of course, this name is gorgeous to Delgosh garden.

Jahan Nama Garden

This garden, another historical garden of Shiraz city, has a stunning beauty, and the great Shirazi poet Hafez mentioned this garden in his poems. Inside the Jahan Nama garden, there is a 2-story, octagonal building. This mansion has four palaces and several rooms, and its facade is made of bricks. This mansion used to have wooden windows, but nowadays, it has iron windows.

Margoon waterfall

Margon waterfall is located 150 km from Shiraz and near Sepidan. This beautiful waterfall is the source of a small river flowing out from the rocks’ hearts. There are thousands of springs in the body of this mountain, which is considered one of its attractions. A parking lot, restrooms, accommodation platforms, etc., have been built to comfort tourists.

Margoon Waterfall in shiraz

Ardeshir Palace

Ardeshir Babkan Palace, also known as Ateshkedeh, is a castle on the slopes of Dej Mukhtar mountain and was built in 224 AD during the reign of King Ardeshir I, the Sassanid king. Ardeshir Palace is located 2 kilometers north of the ancient city of Gore, i.e., the old town of Firuzabad in Pars. This palace has the natural effects of water, soil, fire, and wind, which are considered to be the characteristics of this attraction.

Sarvestan Palace

Sarostan Palace is a building from the Sassanid period in the city of Sarostan, which is approximately It is 90 km away from Shiraz. This palace is located southeast of the town and was built in the 5th century AD. According to the old residents of this region, the Sarostan Palace was a place for travelers to stay or a Zoroastrian fireplace for worshipers.

Shapouri mansion

Shapouri Mansion is one of the most beautiful gardens in Shiraz and a sight-seeing place in Fars province. This mansion belongs to the first Pahlavi period and can be seen as a combination of Iranian and European architecture. In this collection, the garden’s natural effects and the building’s beautiful architecture together have created a unique perspective. Shapouri mansion has two floors; its base is 840 square meters, and its mainland area is 4635 square meters. It was built in the style of Qajar architecture and is on the list of the first buildings designed and built with a free architectural approach.

Shapouri Palace in Shiraz

Local dishes of Shiraz

Food is integral to travel, especially if your destination is Shiraz. The local foods of Shiraz and its various foods can be counted among the attractions of this city, and experiencing the delicious taste of these foods will double the pleasure of your trip to Shiraz. Also, Shiraz has various high-quality restaurants to offer local and delicious food. Some of the famous dishes of Shiraz are:

  • Ash Sabzi Shirazi
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Shirazi Polo
  • Peach dumplings
  • Abgousht
  • Kalam Polo
  • Eshkeneh Shirazi

piatti locali

Markets and shopping centers

One of the pleasures of traveling for every traveler is visiting the markets and shopping centers and buying souvenirs, especially if these markets have a long history and apart from shopping, walking in them creates a good feeling. Shiraz is one of these cities with old markets such as Vakil Bazaar, Mesgarha Bazaar, Haji Shiraz Bazaar, and luxury commercial complexes such as Persian Gulf Commercial Complex, Zeitoun, and Hamoun, which will satisfy your various needs in this regard.

Souvenirs and handicrafts

When traveling to Shiraz, perhaps the first thing that attracts the attention of all tourists is the existence of different arts. In general, one of the best ways to get to know the people of each region is to study their handicrafts. The handicrafts of Shiraz are vibrant. So the probability that you will return from this city empty-handed is very low; along with these valuable handicrafts, Shirazi foods are very famous, and one of the pleasures of traveling to Shiraz is eating these traditional foods and preparing them as city souvenirs.

final word

Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, in addition to various attractions for visitors, has a friendly and pleasant atmosphere and the people of this city are very warm and hospitable. Foreign tourists have a special place and respect in this city, and there are good amenities in this city. With years of experience in organizing domestic and foreign tours to the city of Shiraz and other parts of the vast land of Iran, Sitotravel travel agency has experts and tour leaders who are ready to serve you with respect to visiting this beautiful city.


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