Introducing Iranian food

Iran is a country with a long history that has delicious foods that are just as old. These dishes are also famous in different countries and are served in many restaurants outside Iran. Here we review 15 favorite and trendy dishes among Iranians and other nations.

Traveling to Iran leads to getting to know very delicious foods. Among the delightful kebabs and grilled lambs, we can mention other foods such as caviar, pickles, and smoked fish in this country, samosas, falafel, and sour shrimp in the south, and all kinds of noodles, sweets, and ice creams with the taste of rose water all over the country.

Looking at the geographical location of Iran, you will quickly understand why there are so many different foods in this country. Once the center of the Persian empire, Iran is in the neighborhood of the former Soviet Union and countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey. Also, this country is located in the Middle East and is close to Europe. It is far from Africa, and this country also has the Silk Road.