Sara Salar

Sara Salar

Iranian writer born in 1966 in Zahedan who currently lives in Tehran. In addition to the noble work of writing, Sara is dedicated to translation, through which she has realized that she cannot stop writing, and that writing is really a part of her being and that she will not feel good if lose this part with another job.

Upon finishing her studies, Sara Salar married Sorush Sehat, a famous Iranian writer, actor and director. During this time, Sara decided to enroll in storytelling courses so that she could translate and express her concerns.

“During the translation process, I came to the conclusion that I was not satisfied. It was very hard work and, little by little, I realized that translating the stories of others was not my job, because I had things to say and I wanted to write them myself with my dove. “

“I’m probably lost” is the title of the first book by Sara Salar, awarded in Iran. “Many people think that this book is the story of my personal life, because I was the narrator of my own story, but it is not like that” -expresses Sara- “my story is not real at all. I wanted to turn the stories in my head into a story, but when I start to write I can’t get away from myself and the people around me and their experiences. Sometimes these examples can be a mixture of several characters. “

“I think it’s a surprise! After a long time, I freed myself from the shackles of explaining to someone…. It’s funny, I have freed myself from the shackles of giving explanations to Mrs. Batoul, I have been saved, I… I feel that it fits perfectly…. If I didn’t have to go looking for Samiar, I would have stayed here all day… I’m going to wash up. My lids are brighter than can easily be disguised with makeup. I quickly put on makeup … I put on my coat and pants and put on my scarf … I quickly grab my bag, mobile phone, glasses and bottle of water and knock on the door … I stop for a few moments in front of the stairs and run down the stairs. steps, those ten flights of stairs… It’s right next to the wall where I sit and breathe… ”


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