15 Days
For all ages
UNESCO World Heritage

“Green Gold: The Iranian Pistachio”

15 days / 14 nights

“Green gold: The Iranian pistachio” is an intense journey to discover every corner of this fascinating country. A dive into the history of Persia in the footsteps of Xerxes and Cyrus the Great. Iran hides great treasures that we discover by visiting the architecture of the beautiful cities until we drive to the caravan centers on the Marco Polo route. After visiting Tehran, the modern capital of the country, the journey continues to Kerman, which is located near the fascinating Lut desert. In addition to Kerman we pass by Yazd and Kashan , they are the most attractive cities of Iran because they have the peculiar characteristics of the typical desert cities. After seeing Kerman and the beautiful citadel Rayen, we continue to Shiraz, the city of poets where we will visit Persepolis and Pasargade, following the traces of the civilization of ancient Persia.

During the trip to Iran, the traveler’s eyes browse the picturesque scenes of the gardens while under the ear you can hear the constant murmur of that mighty Persia and a welcoming Iran in the round. Iran, step by step, metamorphoses into a meeting that reconciles the harmony of its civilization with its hospitable popularity.

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
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All in all, it is necessary to know how to observe and be enveloped by a poetic and fairytale atmosphere where the dreamlike cosmos of “A thousand and one night” comes alive only with the contemplation of places and faces. And they will be our companions for the whole pleasant discovery of Iran which opens up a completely divergent new vision for us. This fascinating and contradictory land will build this image, so that human relationships and greetings accompanied by a smile become significant. That is to say, the country’s most surprising point will undoubtedly be the friendliness and hospitality of the Iranian people, a people that leaves one of the most unforgettable memories of the trip to Iran deep in the hearts of travelers. A memory that sometimes even surpasses antiquity and Iranian history. Iran due to its dry continental climate makes Persia classic: short but intense, practicable all year round.

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April 5, 2016

Hamed & Sama were much more than guides to us, but real friends! They are friendly, warm, and welcoming. Resourceful, they are effective and efficient.They will find a solution for each kind of trip you need ! Speaking of all inclusive or for independent travellers as us : “small” things like an internal flight booking, a room or a trek in the desert, they will find you what you want, with great honesty and at very reasonable prices. So be confident with the SITO Travel’s team, you will not regret it.Excellent souvenir of the trip in Iran (April 2016), a very beautiful country, extremely gentle and friendly people, and it’s also thanks to them.

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