The Marnjab Desert is one of the deserts of the Isfahan province that is located north of the city of Aran O Bidgol in Kashan. The flora and fauna of this region are very rich, so, in addition to the landscapes, you can see the various species present. The name of Maranjab comes from the caravanserai and the qanat of this region from the Safavid era. The Maranjab Desert is one of the best desert trekking options for those traveling to the central part of Iran. Despite the intact environment of the Maranjab desert, various groups of beginners and experts visit it throughout the year.

Hiking among the high sand dunes, hawthorn forests and the salt lake is one of the main attractions of the Maranjab desert. The word “lake” in the desert environment is different from our perception of this word. Desert lakes are large empty areas, covered in salt instead of water. However, sufficient rainfall causes water to collect up to a few inches in lakes. The flora and fauna of the Maranjab desert includes plants such as turmeric, hawthorn and animals such as wolf, jackal, chameleon, hyena, snake and lizard, fox and sand cat, and birds of prey. In recent years, a pair of Iranian cheetahs have also been sighted in this desert.

The Masileh Salt Lake area in the northern Maranjab Desert covers about 650 square kilometers and is covered in salt for most of the year. After the evaporation of the water due to the seasonal rains, the deposition of salt in this lake reveals interesting geometric shapes.

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