Matin Abad

Matin Abad, ecological camp that respects nature

Matin Abad desert, throughout the year, attracts the attention of desert lovers thanks to its natural camp in the middle of a magnificent landscape.

The Matin Abad desert is located 25 km south of Natanz and 60 km southeast of Kashan. Renewable energy sources are used in the camp and bathing water is supplied by solar and wind thermal energy.

The vegetation and animals are also interesting in this desert where you can see unique species of cats, sand foxes and desert otters.

The vegetation in this area is also made up of turmeric and hawthorn bushes.

Among the beauties of the Matin Abad desert are the starry night sky and its unique golden hills. In his camp there are camels to discover the most remote destinations. Also, you can go cycling in the desert or a 4 × 4 race. The camp also offers the opportunity to visit camel, ostrich and horse farms. Due to the peaceful environment of the Matin Abad desert, many people travel there to enjoy the tranquility of the desert. The Matin Abad camp is located between the cities of Isfahan and Kashan, and therefore close to the main historical attractions in the area. During the Matin Abad desert excursion, you will be able to visit the attractions of Kashan, such as Fin Garden and historic houses, Abyaneh village and Natanz Jameh Mosque.

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