One of the deserts of Iran is Karakal, located in the central desert plain of Iran. The Karakal desert is located near the town of Sadeqabad, in the city of Bafq, in the province of Yazd. The altitude of this desert reaches 50 meters and covers an area of ​​more than 1500 hectares. The name of the Karakal desert comes from a species of feline that is found in the pristine nature of this region. The vegetation of this desert is very limited and sparse, and most of it consists of robust plants and thorny shrubs. The sands of the Karakal desert are very suitable and soft for hiking and for those interested in driving motorcycles and SUVs in the desert. Other activities offered by the desert are camel trekking, star gazing, and strolling through the soft sands of this desert.

During the Karakal desert excursion, you can also visit other nearby attractions. Sights surrounding the Karakal Desert include the poet Bafqi’s house, Kakamir Reservoir with its round brick dome, Titus Garden, Khan Square, and the Choqart Iron Mine. Bagherabad Castle is a historical monument of Bafq and one of the historical monuments of Yazd. The city of Bafq is located in the eastern part of Yazd province and the Karakal desert is located 10 km northeast of this city.

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