Abuzeid Abad

Abuzeid Abad Desert

The Abuzeid Abad desert is a desert in the province of Isfahan located northeast of Kashan. At a distance of about eight kilometers from the city, there are flowing sand dunes; But to go to the largest and most beautiful hills, you have to travel the desert road and the salt lake Arus pass. In the Abuzeid desert there is also observable desert vegetation that has brought together various species of animals. The fauna of the area consists of hawks, eagles, rabbits, sand foxes, sand cats, jackals, wolves and different types of agamas and snakes. The Abuzeid Abad Desert spans a small part of the great Band Rig Desert and, in addition to its many natural attractions, is doubly famous for its historical and ancient monuments. Many tourists plan to hike to this desert for so many historical places that are close to this desert.

The best places to visit near the desert are Karshahi Castle, Yakhab Mountain, Abyaneh Village, Underground City, and Noshabad Historic City.

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