Filband village
The Sea of Clouds in the Filband

Introduction of Filband village

Filband village, The sea of the ​​clouds!

Mazandaran province in the north of Iran is one of the essential tourist destinations on the shores of Caspian Sea. The village of Filband in the heights of Chelaw is considered one of this province’s pristine and beautiful areas. This village has an ocean of clouds under its feet due to its location in the heights of the Alborz mountain range, which acts as a barrier against the clouds from the Caspian lake. Filband’s cloudy sea is this excellent area’s main attraction, attracting many tourists every year.

Filband village is 40 km from Amol city in Mazandaran province, about 2300 meters above sea level, and is one of the highest points in Mazandaran province. For this reason, it has earned the title of Bam Mazandaran. The distance from this village to Caspian Lake is about 80 km, Sari is 126 km, and Babolsar is 95 km. Amol city is the closest city to this village, with a distance of 57 km.

Filband village has a unique view of the surrounding plains and settlements due to its particular geographical location and height of the foothills. Clouds surround its pristine and beautiful nature for half of the year. For this reason, many tourists and nature lovers visit this region in the hot season. The sea of ​​clouds appears on most days of the year, and watching the clouds move between the legs and being surrounded by cloud masses brings memorable moments for tourists.

The summer cottage of this village is also trendy. In the hot seasons of the year, many people from nearby towns come to the village to take advantage of its excellent weather and pleasant nature. But in winter, due to the severe cold and snowfall, the village residents go to other areas, and the village becomes deserted. One of the beautiful effects of Filband Yilagh is watching the beautiful sunrise and sunset in the heights of this village.

The Sea of Clouds in the Filband

The best time to travel to Filband village

Filband village has a variety of weather throughout the year. It becomes tough to stay in this village from the beginning of autumn and with the onset of cold weather; with the arrival of winter and snowfall, the village residents leave this area and move to warmer cities and villages on the outskirts of the village.

It is impossible to predict the weather in this area in spring. For example, one day, the sun, rain, hail, snow, and rainbow may be observed at short intervals and surprise the tourists. But in general, pleasant weather prevails in this village during the summer season, and it is very cool and mild.

Sunsets in the Filband

Filband tourist attractions

Sangchal village

Sangchal village is a village in the lower reaches of Filband, which is full of beautiful and colorful wooden huts. These huts are built on the green land of Sangchal, and the cattle are grazing around these huts, which creates a very spectacular view of Sangchal village for us.

Sangchal village near the Filband

At the beginning of Sangchal village, there are local shops with northern products and handicrafts. In August, a local festival is held in this village. If you travel to this area at this time, you can enjoy watching native celebrations with local costumes and learn more about the culture and customs of the people of this area.

Sangchal village of the Filband

Imamzadeh Qasim

Imamzadeh Qasim is located near the “Andwar” peak and in the southern mountains of Filband. The path towards this Imamzadeh has a lot of slopes. Be sure to ask local guides for this route. The nature around Imamzadeh Qasim is very eye-catching. Inside the mausoleum is a suitable place to rest and a small residence near it. With some rest in this area, you can continue walking on the path and reach the village of “Rostamchal”. In this village, you will see two giant pits, which are said to have been left by the impact of two meteorites.

Imamzadeh Qasim in the Filband

Andwar Peak

Andwar is a village near Filband, located in the same high altitudes, and its climate is hot and humid in summer and moderate and damp in winter. You should be aware that this part of the village sights has a dangerous road, but its nature is lovely and spectacular.

Andwar Peak in the Filband

Chelaw forest

Chelaw forest is one of the tourist attractions and places of interest in Filband, also considered one of the most dreamy forests in northern Iran. Chelaw forest is located in the Hyrcanian forests, meaning it is one of the most ancient forests in the world.

Lar Spring

There are many springs in the village of Filband, Mazandaran, but the Lar spring is one of those springs worth seeing once. The water flowing in the Lar spring is mineral and has healing properties; For example, it is beneficial for kidney pain. One of the minerals in the water of this spring that strengthens the body’s bones is fluorine. Imagine how healthy and robust the locals and people of the village are when they have drunk the water of this spring for years!

Plant and animal species in Filband

Filband, like any other green and mountainous nature, has a variety of animal species and vegetation. Animals such as tigers, bears, wolves, jackals, minks, hedgehogs, buffaloes, wild boars, rabbits, and birds such as pheasants, falcons, or even endangered animal species that have gone extinct due to excessive hunting in these areas, are found in the nature of the village.

But the vegetation of Filband is vibrant and diverse because of its geographical location, located between the slopes of Alborz and the Caspian Sea, trees such as maple, kandus, mummers, velik, etc. have grown in the east, north, and western part of the village. In the southern region, mainly shrubs and barberry bushes, which are very delicious, sour, and juicy, make up most of the natural vegetation of this region.

Filband souvenirs

The northern cities of Iran have very delicious products and foods that consistently satisfy the different tastes of tourists. Filband village has a variety of delicious foods such as pickles, mountain honey, local sweets, wild pomegranates, fresh fruits, medicinal plants, etc., which you can prepare if you travel to this beautiful summer village. In the following, we will get to know some of the delicious and hearty foods of Filband.

Medlar of Filband

Medlar is one of the delicious and valuable fruits that grow in the nature of Filband village in autumn. Medlars are known as autumn fruits and can be seen on Yalda night tables, one of the Iranian ceremonies. This round and orange fruit is known as Kens in the local language.

Medlar of Filband

Honey of Filband

If you are looking for high-quality honey in the cities of Mazandaran province, it is better to go to Filband summer village. This type of honey is prepared from 4 thousand plants and is known as the best and highest quality honey of this nature.

Filband handicrafts

A trip to Filband is not limited to exploring its nature. Some people are interested in traveling to any city, getting a souvenir as a souvenir of that city and taking it with them to their place of residence. Among the handicrafts made this summer, the village is a delicate, thin, light cloth known as Shamd. People can buy these Shamds as a downpour in the summer. These fabrics are made of silk or cotton, and there are patterns of colorful squares on them.

Other Filband handicrafts, which are very beautiful and unique, are carpets and jajims, which are used as rugs. These rugs and jajims are made from sheep wool or goat hair, and the artist who weaves them learns patterns from nature and incorporates them.

Final word about Filband

If you want to experience life in a pristine rural environment with extraordinary natural beauty and walk above the clouds with the stars, visit Filband village and enjoy the wonders of creation in this environment. This village attracts and falls in love with every tourist with its varied landscapes and pristine nature, and it becomes difficult to leave it at the end of the trip. With years of experience organizing domestic and foreign tours, Sito Travel tourism service agency is ready to accompany and welcome you, dear tourists. To travel to this beautiful region or any part of Iran you consider, pack your suitcase and contact us.


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