Sahulan Cave

Sahulan Cave, with its geological structure of water, earth and limestone, is one of the most wonderful and unique natural caves in Iran, situated at 1751 meters above sea level. Sahulán Cave is the second largest aquatic cave in Iran after Alisadr. This cave dates back to the late Cretaceous and is linked to geological activity of about 70 million years ago. It served as a residence and refuge for primitive peoples during the first and second millennium BC.

The cave was made up of large basins that are connected by 300-meter-long water channels. This cave has two main entrances and it is possible to enter the cave through one of them and exit through the other.

The height of the ceiling of the cave with respect to the surface of the lake is about 50 meters and the depth of the water in some places reaches 30 meters. The temperature difference between inside and outside is 10-15 degrees and the humidity of the cave ranges between 70-80%, so the surface of the stones and rocks is covered with moss due to the high level of humidity. The calcareous sediments of various shapes inside the cave and the beautiful ridges create the special landscape of the cave. The roof, covered in pure calcium carbonate, is about 10 meters above the water level in parts.

The view inside the cave is very original and the climate is cool in summer and warm and pleasant in winter.

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