Rudafshan Cave

At the foot of the Alborz Mountains, in the province of Tehran, in a town called Rudafshan, there is a fascinating cave. Rudafshan Cave is one of the perfect options for hiking and trekking through the nature of the village and its unique route. To access the entrance of the cave you must wear suitable footwear, as the water constantly flows from the ceiling of the cave and makes the floor slippery and wet.

Naturally, the water flows in some areas of the cave and what stands out the most is the high humidity and the beautiful anticlines and synclines. Another unique feature of this cave is its large vestibule and its open mouth. One of the vestibules of Rudafshan Cave is known as the Temple of Anahita, showing that in the past the cave was used as a residence or perhaps even a place to perform religious rituals. However, taking a tour of Rudafshan Cave is not easy and there are difficult trails, but nothing can stop lovers of beautiful places like this.

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