Quri Qale

Quri Qale Cave

This cave is located in the western province of Kermanshah, near the city of Paveh, and was formed about 65 million years ago. Quri Qale is twelve kilometers long and is more than 2000 meters above sea level. The temperature inside the cave is about nine degrees Celsius in all seasons. Archaeological investigations show that the Quri Qale cave was the residence of hunters during the Stone Age.

Some believe that this cave got its name from a teapot-shaped castle located near the cave. While others say that this cave was originally known as “Gora Qale” since in Kurdish, Gora means big and Qale means castle. Of course, there are no proven documents for any of these claims. Near the cave there is a town with the same name.

In another part of this cave, known as the Crystal Room or Beethoven’s Room, a thousand meters deep, there are chandeliers and, when you touch them, a sound similar to that of one of the musical notes is heard. According to experts, this section is one of the most beautiful and spectacular of this natural monument.

In the interior there are lakes and wells 14 meters deep. Some limestone crystals and stalactites have formed in places where there is more humidity and where water flows from small waterfalls. A rare type of bat and the yellow-spotted salamander live in Quri Qale. Also, in this cave historical indications of the end of the Sassanid Empire have been found.

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