Shapur Cave

Shapur Cave is located near Kazerun, in the surroundings of Bishapur, an ancient Sassanid city. Inside the cave there is an artistic carved statue from the time of the Sassanid Empire making the cave a beautiful natural and archaeological destination. In the lower part of the mountain, where the river flows, the side walls of the Choghan Gorge are covered with bas-reliefs, in such a way that we are first given the opportunity to visit them before visiting the cave.

To get to the cave, you have to go through the Kashkuli village and go to the hill where the road sign that leads to the cave is. After an hour and a half of walking, you will reach the 230 steps near the cave, which will facilitate the way. Shapur Cave is located about 800 meters above sea level.

The entrance to the cave is 30 meters long and 15 meters high. Before entering the cave, there is a crypt on the left, part of which is made by hand. About 10 meters after the entrance to the cave, the 7-meter statue of Sassanid King Shapur appears. After more than 15 centuries, the head of this statue is still intact, but both of its arms have been damaged. Apparently this statue was toppled as a result of an earthquake and later repaired and returned to its original condition.

The locals believe that Shapur I was buried in this cave. While some believe when he failed in battle, he hid in the cave and no one saw him again. Be that as it may, nothing diminishes the value of this masterpiece.

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