Ghiri Kenar

Ghiri Kenar Cave or Behdeh

This cave is located north of the Behdeh village, in the Hormozgan province. It was excavated to transfer the water to the plain. In addition to the cave, there are dams and other channels that lead the water into the cave. The water flows into the Behdeh plain supplying the needs of its inhabitants for years.

Ghiri is a mountainous area southwest of Behdeh, right next to the fifty farm fields. In ancient times, the inhabitants of the area dug a tunnel to carry rainwater to the valley. This system was built with special engineering and they also built a dam. This work of extraordinary beauty is considered today one of the most valuable historical monuments.

The presence of medicinal plants such as thyme, hawthorn, cherry and other plants has contributed to the beauty of the area, while the beautiful mountains and incredible trails attract the attention of mountaineers.

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