Ayub Cave

Ayub Cave

The Ayub cave is located 16 kilometers southwest of the city of Dehaj, in Shahr-e Babak, in the province of Kerman, on a mountain of the same name.

Inside the cave there is a source of water flowing out through a network of pipes. In the past, people believed that the prophet Job, who suffered from some kind of skin disease, was cured after bathing in the water of this spring.

The opening of the cave is 80 meters long and 60 meters high. Of all the known caves in Iran, Ayub is the one with the largest mouth and the highest ceiling.

In this cave there is another small mortar-shaped basin called Howz-e Arezú (basin of desires). According to local belief, if a fisherman throws a stone into the basin and it falls into a hole, his wish will be fulfilled.

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