Garmsar Salt Cave

Garmsar Salt Cave, known as Garmsar Naft Darreh Cave, was created as a result of flooding and washing of the rocky cliffs in the area. The cave atmosphere is healthy due to the excessive presence of layers of salt. Its temperature, in the heat of summer, is very mild and maintains a certain constant freshness. One of the beauties of this salt cave is, when the salt was extracted in the heart of the mountain, a magnificent tunnel was created and, with the passage of time, the humid air of the interior and the different colors of the mineral salt have created an incredibly unique scene.

The salt rocks of the cave have a great variety of colors, so that the stones at the entrance to the cave are dark in color, becoming more and more clear as you find out about it. Another striking feature of the cave’s interior is the abundance of salt stalactites that hang like spears from the ceiling. Also, a winding corridor of 5.1 km in length opens before the eyes that is in the middle of the salt mountain and remains a mysterious place.

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