Mekhraj Kari

Mashhad Mekhraj Kari

Art of creating jewelry with turquoise and other stones

There are many gemstone mines in the Khorasan Razavi province and in the surrounding cities. Therefore, one of the most flourishing crafts in this province is the manufacture of jewelry with precious stones known as “Mekhraj Kari”. Some of the most important gemstones are: aquamarine, agate, types of quartz, turquoise, and zeolite, of which turquoise and agate are the most popular. Specialists believe that no two pieces of turquoise are the same and identical, just like fingerprints, turquoise is also unique. Today, the most important stone carving workshops in Iran are located in Mashhad, where tons of agate and turquoise are carved every year. Mashhad workshops use both traditional and modern methods.

In this craft, to maintain the natural beauty and grain of the gemstones, no glue is used. To fix the stones, the base is designed in such a way that the stones are not damaged. A little pressure can cause fractures and scratches. The Mekhraj Kari is applied to jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches, etc. In 2018, Mashhad was inscribed as a Gem City in the world.


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