Pearl of the Persian Gulf and a beautiful and spectacular island with an area of ​​90 square kilometers south of Iran whose coral reefs and crystal clear waters attract more than 2 million tourists annually. This island, like others in the Persian Gulf, especially those located in the Strait of Hormuz, has a semi-equatorial climate with tropical vegetation. On this island is the underground city of Kariz, which covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters and is 2,500 years old. Sixteen meters below the ground, this city has an 8 meter ceiling and corals and oysters with a 500 million year old birth certificate. The Iranian government has struggled to develop it by launching massive construction projects to make Kish a rival to Doha and Dubai. In fact, Kish is one of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s standard free trade zones. Recreational facilities on this island include coral beaches, sandy beaches, parks, gardens, zoo, bird garden, pleasure boats and the Greek ship.

Greek ship

A cargo ship that sank off the coast of the island of Kish in 1966. When it was time to run aground, it flew the Greek flag. The 80-day effort to rescue it proved ineffective and it was recognized as the property of the Iranian shipping company. The Greek ship in the crystal clear waters of the Persian Gulf has created a picturesque landscape.


An ancient and uninhabited city from the 8th century, located on the island of Kish. This 800-year-old city, verified by the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, was quite popular during Seljuk times. Among the attractions of this city are the baths, a mansion and the remains of the Hariri Mosque.


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