Zingan Cave

The natural cave of Zingan is located in the middle of an extensive plain near the town of Salehabad, in the province of Ilam. This cave has a very pleasant and quite cold climate, which is why it is also known as “Behesht” cave, which means paradise. Many professional ecotourists believe that this natural phenomenon is not a cave, but a gorge since it is open at the beginning and end and does not look like the common caves that we know.

While the climate in Salehabad and the Mehran district is generally hot and dry, inside the cave the humidity is very high, leading to the growth of plants and vegetables that usually grow in humid and rainy habitats.

Going through this cave is a very adventurous experience. The water flows along the path. In other places, the passage becomes narrow, which hinders the progression and makes it more pleasant. Along the way there are two waterfalls that you also have to cross. To get to this wonderful cave, which is about ten kilometers from Salehabad, you have to travel about 50 kilometers from Ilam to the west.

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