Karaftu Cave

The Karaftu cave is a natural limestone cave that has been modified at different times for its use and habitability by man. It was excavated in the heart of the mountain with a four-story rocky architecture, probably formed during the Tertiary Geological Era.

Karaftu Cave enjoys a special reputation among caves around the world due to the changes, transformation and creation of hall and corridor spaces during human accommodation in this cave. At the front, a suitable place for windows and doors has been created in order to offer more security to each part, showing a kind of advanced architecture.

The rocky Karaftu cave has a four-story architecture and is located in the heart of the mountain. At the entrance to a room on the third floor there is a Greek inscription, for which the cave is called the Temple of Hercules. This cave has a complex architecture among the artisan caves of Iran. The entrance to the cave is about 25 meters from the mountainside. In the past, a relatively difficult and arduous path led visitors up the mountain, but today, crossing the stairs, it is possible to reach the entrance of the cave. The Karaftu Cave was underwater at the beginning of the Mesozoic era and emerged from it at the end of this period. There is still water in the cave, making the discovery of some parts possible in boats.

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