Rayen Citadel

A splendid adobe citadel dating back to the Sassanid era (4th century AD). This citadel in the heart of the medieval city of Rayen is very similar to Arg-e Bam before the earthquake in 2003, and has all the architectural characteristics of desert castles. It is divided into several neighborhoods: the houses, the bazaar, the food store, the area dedicated to the bourgeoisie and the fortress. The citadel has 15 towers with a single corridor that allowed soldiers to pass from one to another. Rayen’s fortress was inhabited 150 years ago. According to some ancient documents, it was situated on the trade route, and was not only a trading center for valuable goods and high-quality textiles, but also a center for the artisan of swords, knives, and later weapons-making. Rayen is located at 2,200 meters above sea level and offers a picturesque landscape to visitors.


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