Bayazid Bastamí’s Tomb

Commonly called Bayazid Bastami, nicknamed Sultan-al-Arifin (King of the Mystics), he is the great mystic of the 9th century AD. Bayazid is said to have returned to Bastam after a few years of exploration and asceticism and that he spent most of his life and died there. He left no works, but his disciples and followers transcribed his speeches which were cited in various books such as “Tabaqat al-Sufiyya” and “Tazkirat al-Awliya”.

Kashaneh Tower

Located on the southeast side of the Aljama Mosque of Bastam, north of Shahrud. The tower’s polygonal architecture, with its beautiful moldings and calligraphy on the walls, has made it a spectacular attraction. This 20-meter high tower is decorated with an inscription written in Kufic on the top of the tower. Numerous studies show that the building was a fire temple and that after the advent of Islam it was used as a mosque.


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