Mountain mythology

Mountain Mythology Iran: skiing, hiking and climbing on the highest peak in the Middle East Damavand The Damavand volcanic peak rises dramatically 70 km northeast of the Iranian capital, Tehran, and 70 km south of the Caspian Sea. Damavand is the highest volcanic peak in the Middle East. Lateral vents are rare and the volcano's activity consists mainly of trachyandesite. The most recent activity was the eruption of a series of lava flows from the summit mouth covering the western side of the volcano. Estimates of its height range from 5610 to 5670 meters. It dominates the surrounding mountain ranges
8 Days


Flying in a tandem paraglider all over Iran In case of favorable weather and according to the type of tour where the site closest to the last city of the travel program You can try the experience of flying over the city, flying in the clouds in the woods or by the sea, From below sea level in Marcaspio to the islands of Naz and Qeshm in the Persian Gulf, all year weather permitting. summer you can start taking off with the first breeze around 9.30, if the day allows it you can fly until around 20.00. In flight you
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Rafting Tour In Iran 5 Days/ 4 Nights Rafting or boating in the roaring waves is one of the fascinating branches of tourism that is gaining more and more fans every day. Rafting boats have been the simplest form of water transport and have been used to move people and cargo for thousands of years. In rafting, passengers board special inflatable boats and travel along the river, watching the scenery and villages and forests and mountains and enjoying the roar of the waves. Today, this exciting activity has become one of the pastimes of young people and families around the
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Mountain Culture Iran: from the Alborz to the Zagros ski slopes 11 nights / 12 days “Mountain Culture” is a trekking tour into the nature of Iran through the mountains, culture, bazaars, ski slopes, the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque in Shiraz, the wonderful city of Isfahan and sites of great historical importance such as Persepolis. Among all our discoveries along the trip, the most fascinating will be the unforgettable landscape of the Iranian plateau, from the slopes of Alborz to the historic plain of Marvdasht, where the fascinating story of Darius and his successors awaits us. DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION IKA International Airport DEPARTURE
12 Days

Trekking among historical landscapes

Trekking Through Historical Landscapes 13 days/ 12 nights “Trekking through historical landscapes” is an ideal trip for nature lovers and those who want to contemplate particular landscapes of the high plains of Iran, explaining absolutely the reason for being in touch with the pure nature of Iran during this trip in addition to having the opportunity to visit historical sites of Ancient Persia. Be prepared for a magnificent experience that you will remember for a lifetime. The tour starts with the unforgettable stay in Tehran, the modern capital of Iran, whose visit brings to mind what a megalopolis in the
13 Days