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Babak castle

Iranian Azerbaijan and Caspian Sea "North, Northwest Iran." 12 days / 11 nights Possessing a rich civilization and culture, unique and distinct architecture, a written history of more than 2,500 years, beautiful nature and attractive landscapes, with a four-season climate linking snow-capped mountains to desert salt lakes, IRAN is an ancient country whose visit is a unique and unforgettable experience.
12 Days
Spring, Summer

Discover the Persian Gulf

Discover the Persian Gulf The journey ''Discovering the Persian Gulf'' which aims to combine two objectives in the same journey. With the Calm and Culture cycle we thought we could satisfy the different timing needs together with cultural interests. In fact, each itinerary will be able to take you to try a unique experience, making you experience the local culture with a particular strategy, created for lovers of the typical landscapes and wonderful islands of Iran. This itinerary allows us to learn about the history of the Hormuz Strait, the Salt Cave, which with its 6 kilometers in length holds
6 Days
For all ages

East plus classic

Desert paradise and classical Iran Day 1 Arrival in Mashhad Departure from your country and arrival at Mashhad International Airport, Transfer to hotel. Day 2 Visit Mashhad After breakfast we visit the great religious city of Mashhad, visit the grand and enchanting shrine of the 8th Shiite Imam and the Goharshad Mosque with many details and a long history. We also visit the tomb of Nadir Shah, "the last great Asian conqueror," named as "Napoleon of Persia" or "Second Alexander the Great." Day 3 Mashad- Torbate jam- Taybad- Khaf After breakfast we leave for the city of Khaf, on the
15 Days

More Landscapes, More Culture

More Landscapes, More Culture 9 days/ 8 nights “More Landscapes, More Culture” is an ideal trip to discover Azerbaijani culture, Orthodox churches, bazaars on the Silk Road and the Jewish holiday Purim. This tour, in addition to the breathtaking landscapes, offers us the opportunity to discover places of worship and the world's quintessential bazaar called the Bazaar of Tabriz, visited by famous explorers of the Silk Road, including the great Venetian traveler Marco Polo. Tabriz is located in the northwestern part of Iran, East Azerbaijan. This fascinating city, nestled on the slopes of Mount Sahand, reveals itself to the visitor
9 Days
For all ages
Spring, Summer

Persian Nomads

Discovering the Nomads Eil, A tribe in Iranian nomadic society is a political union composed of nomadic clans and tribes that joined together based on kinship affiliations (relative, causal and ideal) or at a specific time, according to political and social interests and needs, and formed a tribe . Usually, Eilat had its own land and territory and was administered under personal leadership and management with the position of Ilkhan or Ilbey. Among the largest tribes in Iran we can mention the Bakhtiari tribe, the Kalhor tribe, and the Qashqai tribe. In general, a clan refers to a group of
14 Days
For all ages
Seasonal offer


Rafting Tour In Iran 5 Days/ 4 Nights Rafting or boating in the roaring waves is one of the fascinating branches of tourism that is gaining more and more fans every day. Rafting boats have been the simplest form of water transport and have been used to move people and cargo for thousands of years. In rafting, passengers board special inflatable boats and travel along the river, watching the scenery and villages and forests and mountains and enjoying the roar of the waves. Today, this exciting activity has become one of the pastimes of young people and families around the
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5 Days
Spring, Summer

The Charm of the Western Iran

The Charm of the Western Iran Anthropological Stage: Kurds, Azeris, Jews 10 days / 9 nights “The Charm of the Western Iran” is an ideal trip to discover the history of the most sacred place of the Zoroastrians: Takht-e Soleiman. An archaeological complex of the Sassanid era (3rd-6th century AD) of which Azargoshnasb is the main fire temple. This tour, in addition to the breathtaking landscapes, offers us the opportunity to discover the dome of Soltaniyeh, the inspiration of the Italian architect, Brunelleschi. During the tour we will visit the city of Zanjan nestled on the slopes of the Alborz
10 Days
Spring, Summer