Trekking Tour

13 Days/12 nights

WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Guide Meals
Shelters Transportation in mini-coach
Hiking equipment
Guide gratuity



Day 1: Arrival in Tehran

Arrival in Tehran, the Iranian capital, located at the foot of Mount Alborz. Welcome by the representative of the SITO travel agency. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Tehran.


Day 2: Tehran

After our morning introductory briefing, we plan to take in some of the capital’s lesser known sights such as the museum of contemporary art, build by the Shah’s wife Empress Pahlavi in 1977,but shut down after the 1979 Islamic revolution(when Western contemporary art was seen as depraved, and many of its priceless paintings were hidden by staff in the museum’s basement vault).

As of November 2015, many of these art works have been put back on display for the first time in almost 40 years, including Jackson Pollock’s Mural on Indian Red Ground, considered by many to be the artist’s best, and valued by Christie’s at $250 million five years ago. Later we’ll head out to the north of the city to take a walk in the foothills of Mt Darband, an area popular with locals and which is full of little restaurants and tea houses overlooking the city.

Overnight in Tehran.


Day 3 : Alamut

Transport from Tehran to Alamut some 90 miles northwest of Tehran lies Alamut, headquarters of Hassan Sabah, leader of the 11th century cult of the assassins. The castle of assassins, immortalized in Freya Stark’s account of the area, are historic fortresses in the central Alborz mountains, south of the Caspian is a long drive up a winding mountain road (about 3 hours) and a short hike to rich the castle. The religious zealot who followed Hassan Sabbah built this heavily fortified structure that was the fabled for its gardens and libraries. The ruins of 23 other fortresses remain in the vicinity and although the castles are mostly in is pleasant to take a picnic and enjoy a walk amongst the beautiful mountain scenery.

Overnight in Alamut.


Day 4 : Alamut

Walking in Alamut

Spend this morning walking in the beautiful countryside around Alamut heading up to either Alamut fortress or Lambesar Castle to explore the ruins and take in the scenery or walking around the Avan lake.

Overnight in Alamut.


Day 5 : Masuleh

After breakfast we drive to visit Qazvin.


Qazvin is famed for carpets and seedless grapes. Formed by the Sassanian king Shapur I in the 3rd century A.D. Qazvin prospered under the Seljuk rulers, who erected many fine buildings.

Chehel Sotun palace, historical Seminary, Jame mosque and Qazvin historic bazar are most highlight places to visit.

Historical bazar and alleys to its southeast are the most atmospheric areas for random strolling.

Then drive 240 k.m to Masuleh


At least a millennium old, Masuleh is one of Iran’s most beautiful villages. rising through mist-draped forests, earth-colored houses climb a cupped mountainside so steeply that the roof of one form the pathway for the next. In the summer, day tripping local tourists merrily fill its appealing tea-terraces, seek out its two minuscule museum and peruse the tinny bazar’s trinket and Halva shops.

Many villagers rent out rooms which makes for a great way to experience rural Gillan.

Over night in Masuleh guesthouse.


Day 6 : Soubatan

After breakfast we start drive on scenic view to visit Qal’eh Rudkhan

This very impressive Seljuk era mountain fortress covers the top of an wooded butte ringed by a curl of forested mountain. The ruins of the brick ramparts are relatively complete with many photogenic towers, arches and wall sections calcified white with age or tufted with wild flowers. Access requires a steep, sweaty but gorgeous 50 minutes walk starting out along a streamside full of mossy rocks then climbing pebble-studded concrete steps to the chorus of birdsong and tapping woodpeckers.

After lunch we drive 110 KM on coastal road to go Talesh.

In Tallesh we’ll rent Patrol to go Soubatan on top of Alborz mountain.

Tallesh is a coastal town beside the Caspian sea and from the other side has Alborz mountain view.

Tallesh was first accommodation for Arian people who immigrated from Siberia to Persia, Professor Balzaym (French archeologist) believe first language in earth is Talleshi (Tallesh language) and he has written  2 books about Tallesh.

On the way to Soubatan we have nice view from Tabaco farms and kiwi gardens

In Soubatan we have very nice scenery from forest and Caspian sea.

We’ll accommodate in guest house and we’ll have homemade dinner.

Overnight in Soubatan.


Day 7 : Ne’or lake

After breakfast we start to hike in the mountain with our local guide and pass every hills to Neor lake.

After about 8 hours hiking we’ll reach to Neor lake and then we drive to our hotel in Khalkhal.

On the way to Neor we visit gypsum people who live in nature and so many bulls and sheep flocks.

We do picnic to have lunch near to waterfall and if we need more breaks on the way we can make a fire and boiling water to have tea and coffee.

This way from Soubatan to Ne’or is one of famous hiking tour in the world where you see so many variety of flowers and nice birds.

You will enjoy to walk in nature.

Overnight in Khalkhal.


Day 8 : Sar’ein

Sar’ein in Persia means spa so we go to center of spa , Sar’ein is a town in mountain feet with nice scenery ,on the way we visit Ardebil, a historical city, we visit astonishing  Sheykh Safi mausoleum that is in the list of UNESCO to protect.

We sleep in Sar’ein.


Day 9 : Sar’ein

We start to hiking in nature and swimming in spa in the mountain, on the way we’ll see zinc, copper, and iron spa, we can swim and enjoy from nature.

We’ll have traditional Persian food and rest in hotel.


Day 10 : Kaleybar

We start to drive 310k.m to Kaleybar, amazing town on mountain feet.


Set attractively in a wide,steep-side mountain valley, unassuming Kaleybar town makes a great starting point for random hikes and visiting nomad camps on route to the upper Araz river vally.but by far its biggest draw is the extensive crag-top ruin of Babak castle known to some as Bazz Galasi, the castle has a unique emotional resonance for Azari people as the lair of their 9th century A.D. national hero Babak Khorramdin. occupying a cultural position somewhere between king Arthur, Robbin Hood and Yasser Arafat. Babak is celebrated for harrying the anti-Shitte Abbasid-Arab regime between 815 and 837.

We rest afternoon to come ready for tomorrow morning hiking.


Day 11 : Kaleybar

We start to hiking to reach to Babak castle, on the we face very nice view of nature and nomad people who live on tent.

Overnight in Kaleybar.


Day 12 : Tabriz

Finally our last step is Tabriz.

We drive 175 km to historical city on north west of Persia, Tabriz

After lunch, we start to visit historical monument in this nice city; Blue mosque and Azerbaijan museum and historical bazar that is in the list of UNESCOs to protect.


Day 13 : Tabriz-Homeland

Back flight home from Tabriz international airport.

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