A ring in the heart of Persia

"A ring in the heart of Persia" is a classic, ring-shaped journey in the heart of Persia, during which you can follow the traces of the ancient Persian civilization, through the most beautiful cities in the country. After visiting Tehran, the modern capital of the country, the journey continues to Kashan, Yazd and Isfahan. These are the most fascinating cities in Iran, they are located in the central area of the country and have the Iranian desert areas as their peculiarity. Few places in the world are able to offer us the opportunity to be in contact with the followers
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Discovering the Iranian Plateau

“Discovering the Iranian Plateau” - This is a classic journey, during which you will follow the traces of the civilization of ancient Persia in its maximum splendor. The tour, in addition to visiting archaeological sites, is dedicated exhaustively to indispensable details to get to know one of the oldest monotheistic religions in the world, as well as the first in Mesopotamia and the Indus valley. Few places in the world are able to offer us the opportunity to be in contact with the followers of Zartosht, known as Zarathustra: the prophet of the Zoroastrians who 15 centuries before the birth
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