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Flying in a tandem paraglider all over Iran

In case of favorable weather and according to the type of tour where the site closest to the last city of the travel program

You can try the experience of flying over the city, flying in the clouds in the woods or by the sea, From below sea level in Marcaspio to the islands of Naz and Qeshm in the Persian Gulf, all year weather permitting. summer you can start taking off with the first breeze around 9.30, if the day allows it you can fly until around 20.00.

In flight you do not suffer from vertigo which is an “earthly” sensation. Being seated, one does not use the sense of balance; having no optical reference that connects us with the ground, there is no sense of depth, therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE to feel dizzy in the air.
One last thing: those who fly paragliders do not jump and do not launch but take off gently from a meadow, so nothing traumatic … YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE ANY FLYING EXPERIENCE.

The pilot of the two-seater who will accompany you will take care of everything. You can safely enjoy the flight and you will also have your hands free to film or take pictures. No medical examination is required.

The essential thing is to be in good psycho-physical health, they can fly naturally with the presence of their parents, children from 6 years and people of a certain age.

The duration of the paragliding or hang-gliding flight without an engine is highly variable, depending on the location chosen, the time you take off and the weather conditions of the day. In the morning and late afternoon the flight is glided, absolutely calm and relaxing, depending on the take-off altitude it can last a minimum of 10/15 minutes. In the central hours of the day, the sunniest ones, conditions are created that your pilot can take advantage of to stay longer in the air, the flight will be a little more lively and can last up to 30/40 minutes.
The flight has different costs for various reasons. In free flight, the take-off altitude, the duration of the flight, the ascent service (shuttle), the making of videos or photos are affected. The fares are set by the pilots, sometimes there are promotions for couples but the important thing is that the price does not determine the quality of the service nor the safety of the flight. Pilots carrying passengers never take risks, safety is the primary objective of every flight.

Useful tips:
– never fly on an empty stomach, a light and dry breakfast helps not to feel any nausea, a chewing gum helps the most sensitive.
– if you fly in the afternoon, pay particular attention to lunch, do not weigh yourself down too much.
– arrive rested, a flight after a night of partying is not the ideal condition to face this beautiful adventure.

Some paragliding flight sites in Iran:

ABB-E-SARD, Damavand, Tehran

The take-off area is relatively small, so the launch will be one by one to the south. The take-off point of the hang glider is located on the west side about 200 meters away. Altitude 2800 m.

Shahran, Tehran

A peak of the crest of anger that overshadows the northern suburb of Tehran. Northwest of the city, good for learning. The take-off is flat and well maintained, albeit a bit dusty, as is the case with many Iranian official mountain sites. Altitude 2300 m.

Emam Zadeh Hashem (Mosha)

On the way to Amol on the Haraz road, after passing the Ab-e-Ali ski resort, continue to the Emam Zadeh Hashem shrine. The flight site will be on the right hand side just behind and above the shops and inn. Leave a short off-road vehicle on the right hand side after the car park and shops to the east and turn back to the west (approximately 500 meters). This road is not accessible in winter due to snow cover, so you need to park your car in the parking lot and hike about 200 meters until you take off .

Drazno and Ramian  (Gorgan)
The best site in the Golestan region is Derazno. Located in the heart of the forest and at an altitude of 2900 meters above sea level. Because it often flies in calm conditions, but it also takes about 15-20 minutes. The charm of this flight in seeing the pristine and beautiful scenery of the forest from above is necessary for once.

It can be flown from both the south and the north. The north face is very attractive for the forest and the view of the Caspian Sea on the horizon. But if you want thermal and long flights, you can fly through the south side.

Takavar, Geno

Takavar site (highest take-off) 27 ° 23’58.6’N – 056 ° 10’49.7’E 1650 m ASL (above sea level) There are also 3 other take-off sites:

1) Dr. Farshid & Farhoud ( upper intermediate) suitable slope 27º23’49 “N – 56º10’00” 1490m ASL

2) Geno Site (intermediate) 27º21’49 “N – 56º09’44” E 669m ASL

3) Salim Site (students, lower takeoff) Altitude 1660m.

Tak Alti, Tabriz

Take-off is possible at 2,586 m and it is possible to take off in all directions except north wind. there are 3 main areas to take off where the wind direction is from SW, S and SE. Altitude 2620m.

Azar Shahr, DinAbad

Take-off is available at 2,230m from all directions except to the east. The best take-off direction is when the wind direction is NW. Altitude 2250 m.

Gardane Rokh, Isfahan

Take off in 2 directions, can get into cars, and SUV cars are better in winter. Summers: Fly to the northern take-off. Other seasons: almost flying south on take-off. Altitude 2660m.

Tarom site, Zanjan

Near the road Altitude 1910m and Altitude of site 1100m.

START TIMEArrive by 7:45 AM.
END TIMEApproximately 6:30 PM.
WEARComfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket.
Professional instructorTransportation
Tandem flightMemory Film
Instructor gratuity

Maximum male weight up to 110 kg.

Women’s weight up to 90 kg.

Height up to two meters.

Age from 6 years.


8.00 AM – 11.00 AM: Training


11.00 AM – 2.00 PM: Flying


2.00 PM - 3.00 PM: Meals


3.00 PM - 6.00 PM: Flying


6.00 PM: Certificates

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