15 Days
UNESCO World Heritage

Desert paradise and classical Iran

Day 1 Arrival in Mashhad

Departure from your country and arrival at Mashhad International Airport, Transfer to hotel.

Day 2 Visit Mashhad

After breakfast we visit the great religious city of Mashhad, visit the grand and enchanting shrine of the 8th Shiite Imam and the Goharshad Mosque with many details and a long history. We also visit the tomb of Nadir Shah, “the last great Asian conqueror,” named as “Napoleon of Persia” or “Second Alexander the Great.”

Day 3 Mashad- Torbate jam- Taybad- Khaf

After breakfast we leave for the city of Khaf, on the way we stop at Torbate Jam town and visit Jam caravanserai. We continue the magnificent and enchanting desert road and arriving in Taybad and Taftishan we visit ancient and famous windmills and Ghyasieh school in Kher Gard. Arriving in Khaf we visit the historic Shirkhani house.

Day 4 Khaf- Gonabad- Qaen- Birjand

After breakfast we continue along the magical desert road, this time to Birjand. On the way, we arrive in the town of Gonabad, visit the Jame Mosque of Gonabad and then leave to visit the town of Qaen, famous for saffron, before arriving in Birjand.

Day 5 excursion to Makhunik and return to Birjand

After breakfast we hike to Makhunik village, the village of Iran’s Lilliputians, where the houses have doors with a height of 50 cm. Returning to Birjand we visit the Akbarieh Garden, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kolah Faranghi Castle and Birjand Citadel.

Day 6 Birjand- Ferdows- Tabas

After breakfast we leave for Tabas and on the way arriving at the town of Ferdows we visit historic town Tun and religious school Olia. We continue the journey and arriving in Tabas we visit Golshan Garden registered on the UNESCO world heritage list

Day 7 Tabas – Mesr Desert

After breakfast we depart to dune desert at Mesr to express an unforgettable overnight stay in one of the beautiful deserts of Iran. On the way we visit Khor Salt Lake, the largest seasonal salt lake in Iran with an area of 2000 km and with rich and unique resources of all kinds of minerals such as potash, the largest source for the extraction of this mineral and is considered one of the beauties of Iran. After hiking in the desert we stay overnight in a characteristic house.

Day 8 Mesr- Yazd

After breakfast we depart to fully registered city on UNESCO world heritage list, historical city of Yazd, during the way we visit Posht- e- badam caravanserai, which is unique specimen of its kind and continue the journey visiting carvanserai complex in Meybod. We arrive in Yazd and after settling in the hotel we visit Amirchakhmaq Square and Zurkhaneh, a kind of gymnasium where they do a traditional and ancient sport.

Day 9 Yazd

After breakfast the whole day will be devoted to discovering the cultural riches, an unforgettable experience walking through the streets of one of the cities considered the oldest in the world. We will be able to see the Dowlat Abad Garden, Friday Mosque, Water Museum, Zoroastrian Fire Temple and Bazaar.

Day 10 Yazd- Shiraz

After breakfast we set out for Shiraz and on the way we visit the 4000 year-old cypress tree at Abarkouh, continue the journey and visit Pasargadae where the tomb of Cyrus the Great is located and was the first capital of the Achaemenid Empire.

Day 11 Shiraz

After breakfast, we devote ourselves to visiting the many sights Shiraz has to offer. First we visit Nasir ol Molk mosque, in which meeting of light with stained glass creates an enchanting image in the interior space, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Sarayeh Moshir, the magnificent Narenjestan garden, the tomb of Hafez, the famous poet.

Day 12 Shiraz- Naghshe Rostam- Persepolis – Isfahan

After breakfast we travel to Isfahan and on the way, we visit Naghshe Rostam and extraordinary archaeological site Persepolis, most important capital of the Achaemenid empire. Arrival in Isfahan and overnight stay.

Day 13 Isfahan

Full day dedicated to visiting the city of Isfahan which is nicknamed as “half of the world.” We will visit Naqsh-e Jahān Square, the Shah Mosque, Palace of the Forty Columns and the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque then to end the day at its best, we visit the square at sunset from the terrace of Ali Qapu Palace.

Day 14 Isfahan

After breakfast we will continue our tour of the city of Isfahan. We will head to the bustling Armenian neighborhood of Julfa to visit the Vank Cathedral and its small museum and the Jame Mosque of Isfahan and the historic Sio se pol and Khajoo bridges, end the day walking through the Grand Bazaar and free time.

Day 15 Isfahan- Kashan- Airport

After breakfast we depart to Tehran International Airport and during the travel route arriving to the city of Kashan we will visit historic Fin garden, designed for Shah Abbas first, historic Tabatabai house and bath sultan Amir Ahmad. Overnight stay will be in a hotel just in front of the airport.

Day 16 Return flight

Three hours before the flight you need to be at the airport.

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