Yasuj the provincial capital of Kohkiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad, is located along the Beshar River, at an altitude of 1831 meters above sea level. Yasuj, in the northeast of the province, is located among oak forests with a temperate, generally cold climate. Rain and snow are abundant in this city, making it a perfect destination for hiking and mountaineering during the summer months. The Yasuj region has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, so it has a very ancient history. Tourist attractions include the Hills of the Martyrs (dating from the 3rd millennium BC), the Khosravi Hill from the Achaemenid period, the ancient site of Gerd, the Pataveh bridge and the Pay-e Chol cemetery. Yasuj is the city where Alexander III of Macedonia and his forces stormed the Persian gates, Darvazeh Fars, and entered the heart of Persia in 331 BC. C.

Margun town

Margun is part of the Boyer Ahmad province and is located 24 km west of Yasuj-Borujen, where the Saqaveh River crosses from the south-western part. Mountains such as Banar in the east, Margun in the north and Saqaveh in the south have surrounded the town that, with the presence of rivers and springs, mountains, waterfalls, vegetation and different animal species, becomes a paradise. The Margun waterfall is one of the most famous in Iran.

Maymand Village

To get to the town of Maymand, you have to cross the Sisakht pass. This path passes through dense oak forests that offer lush green landscapes. The Jersan River, which irrigates the rice fields of this village, is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the area.

Dena protected area

One of the most beautiful natural environments in the province, privileged by its rich vegetation, where many species of Iranian fauna live: brown bears, leopards, wolves, hawks, eagles, partridges and many species of wild cats. This region is a mountainous area with high peaks and deep valleys; very rich in vegetation, mainly for therapeutic and consuming uses.

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Haft Cheshmeh

In the town of Margun, there is a part called Haft Cheshmeh. The descent of the water has created a couple of waterfalls that give the landscape its name. This area, in addition to having a very beautiful view, receives many visitors during the summer.

Kuh Gol Lake, Sisakht

Lake Kuh Gol is located north of Buyer Ahmad and in the northeast part of the city of Sisakht and near the Kuh Gol Hills. The lake is in one of the most beautiful parts of this province that is covered with different types of wild flowers like lilies.

Numerous migratory birds on the shore of the lake offer an amazing view of the area. Many birds including green headed ducks, storks and herons along with black roosters create a glorious scene.

Mount Sefid

Located northwest of Yasuj and southwest of Sisakht. This mountain has a height of 3102 m and extends in a direction parallel to Mount Savruz with a height of 3189 m. These two majestic elevations are considered the important central mountain peaks of the Zagros Ranges.


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