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Classical Persia

Classical Persia: An Intense Emotion 8 days/ 7 nights “Classical Persia: An Intense Emotion” opens us a cultural window into a world that dates back to the birth of human civilization. Few places in the world, like Iran, are able to offer us the opportunity to relive history and, thus, understand the modern Middle East. Persian culture is presented through popular sites, such as markets, as well as architecture and archaeology. Travelling is the only way to discover the mesmerizing wonders that reveal themselves to our eyes during the tour. Passing through Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran and Kashan we have no
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8 Days
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Mountain mythology

Mountain Mythology Iran: skiing, hiking and climbing on the highest peak in the Middle East Damavand The Damavand volcanic peak rises dramatically 70 km northeast of the Iranian capital, Tehran, and 70 km south of the Caspian Sea. Damavand is the highest volcanic peak in the Middle East. Lateral vents are rare and the volcano's activity consists mainly of trachyandesite. The most recent activity was the eruption of a series of lava flows from the summit mouth covering the western side of the volcano. Estimates of its height range from 5610 to 5670 meters. It dominates the surrounding mountain ranges
8 Days