In order for you to have a trip suited to your personal tastes, SITO Travel offers you the maximum possibility to choose by offering your experience and knowledge in the hotel sector.

In Iran the hotel categories are divided between 3 *, 4 *, 5 * between standard and superior. But obviously this is not all because with the growth in demand from travelers, in addition to hotels, every year the very nice idea of ​​Traditional Iranian Houses also grows. SITO Travel wants to give you a wide choice trying to make you try a super particular and interesting trip.

Suffice it to say that today in some cities of Iran there are these typical and really nice houses so much so that they are now used as real accommodations for travelers. The so-called Typical Houses will rightly be licensed and are regularly checked by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. Sometimes they are a traditional luxury that they can surpass in prices of the best hotels in Iran.

Most of the hotels in Iran have a good structural standard, but they do not have the same standards as European hotels.
We advise you to trust the SITO Travel proposals so that you can experience a pleasant and unforgettable journey.