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Our high knowledge of the area, combined with the experience of management in the Incoming sector, offers us to offer the best solution for a mythical “JOURNEY IN IRAN”. Nowadays the market offer is so varied that it can leave you undecided and perplexed, but don’t worry! We have learned to listen to you to materialize your desires.

SITO Travel in addition to the basic services (air ticket, visa assistance, hotel booking, standard tour) offers personalized itineraries for every type of traveler: cultural, historical-archaeological, photographic, sports or adventurous.

We also offer some ideas of particular routes: tour of Iran by camper, tour focused on the deserts, tour for professional photographers, tour by bicycle or motorbike, tour for the blind in collaboration with The Compagnia del Relax and accessible to different skilled people, and any special trips you ask us to organize for you.

This is the only way to enjoy a full immersion journey into the history, nature and ancient culture of ancient Persia.

Thanks to our experience and our talent we will amaze you by creating the memorable journey you dream of!


Our philosophy is based on the Customer Orientation:our mission is that you are 100% satisfied with its experience with Sito Travel. For this to happen, it is important for us to establish a relationship with you, making you feel part of our family, so that you can feel our closeness from the moment of the first contact until the end of the trip.

Nothing makes us happier to know that you have experienced the culture and hospitality of the Iranians that you  greeted them with a renewed desire to return.

SITO Travel is characterized by the speed of responses, the high quality of services and the optimal management of the local offer.
The satisfaction of our customers has allowed us to receive twice the prestigious sector recognition “Customer Satisfaction”, 2015 and 2017, from the Ministry of Industry.

I’m Hamed, I am iranian and in my life I have made my passion my job. My preparation comes directly from the tourism field, when I worked as an Italian-speaking tour guide. I graduated in Italian literature and then the DBA in tourism.

Iran, its people and all the wonders it has to offer, go  through an experience to find out at least once in a lifetime.Hospitality is the trademark of this splendid country which with its wealth of landscapes, some of the most beautiful mosques in the world and twenty-three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, I’m sure it will surprise you.Together with my professional colleagues we remain at your disposal to help you better organize and make your trip to the country of a thousand and one nights unforgettable. See you soon!


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I’m Sama and  I have experience in tourism since 2010, I studied the Spanish language at university. I have to say that I had a passion for other cultures and travel, but when I got married to a person who had long experience in Tour Guide, also my passion and my mastery of tourism, they directed me to open “SITO TRAVEL” a local tour operator , specializing in the Incoming sector. This small premise is to tell you that we iranians are looking forward to welcoming you with open arms to reveal the mysterious beauty of Iran.


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I’m Noushin, I live in Tehran, I have been working with the local tour operator SITO Travel since 2016. I studied the Italian language at university and to learn more, I lived a few years in Italy in Perugia and Ancona. For years I have been working in the tourism sector where I could grow my passion to make the history and culture of my country known to lovers of Iran, especially to the italians with whom we iranians share numerous socio-cultural factors such as convivial culture for the food and love of archeology.
I will be happy to be at your disposal to create an enchanting and unforgettable journey in our wonderful country, so do not hesitate to contact us in order to experience a dream trip in the land of fairy tales.


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+98 930 838 3429

I’m Shima, I live in one of the most splendid countries in the world which enjoys a very rich culture and a millenary civilization. I love to travel and foreign languages, especially the French language – so for a person like me, what could be better than working in a local travel agency in my country ?!

I finally decided! I started working with Sito Travel, tour operator in 2019.

If you have the desire to know the beauties of Iran, discover its magnificent sites and archaeological finds, experience the true hospitality of its people and admire its blue sky in every season, therefore our team will be happy to provide you with everything you need to make your dream reality.



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I’m Sara and I currently live in Tehran, the most dynamic city of Iran. My fondness for traveling and working at a local travel agency stems from my soft spot for discovering unknown places and new cultures, especially those of the Spanish-speaking countries.

Life is too short to miss the precious moments in which we could get to know different cultures, new people, magnificent places, an infinite range of dishes and gastronomic habits, rites and traditions. For me, traveling is the only way to get lost in distant times and remote places. Both the extreme variety of the historical places and the pure nature of Iran, arouse great interest to experience the great adventure of discovering this very beautiful spot of the world. SITO TRAVEL team does everything possible to create you an unforgettable trip.


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I’m Maryam,employee of the operating department, at the university I chose Communication Sciences. I have been working for the SITO Travel agency since December 2016. My interest in travel and historical monuments was one of the reasons why I chose this job, I deal with booking hotel facilities, the transfers, the tourist guides and also of the procedure for obtaining the visa needed to travel to Iran. Wherever you live, you can just get in touch with us and we will be at your disposal. Wherever you live alone, just contact us and we will be at your disposal. Iran is a 4 seasons country with warm and friendly people look forward to meeting you anxiously!



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