Iran Traditional Hotels – best boutique hotels in Iran 2023
iran traditional hotels - Ghasr Monshi Hotel

When we talk about Iran Traditional Hotels, what do you imagine?

Old architecture, walls made of mud and straw, wooden windows with colorful glasses, Iranian traditional music, water fountains, Iranian food and handicrafts, getting familiar with the rich Iranian culture. It has always been attractive and enjoyable for tourists who travel to Iran.

Many of the Iran traditional hotels and boutique hotels in Iran that have now become tourist accommodations in the past were houses or caravanserais that have been renovated and repurposed. For example, the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan was once a caravanserai and is now known as the largest and most beautiful Iran traditional hotels and even the Middle East.

The architecture of Iran traditional hotels is made of 2 to 3-story adobe and plastered buildings. These old hotels have a large courtyard with fruit trees and a water fountain. Other features of the building include stained glass windows, windcatchers, beautiful tiles, and handmade Persian carpet. These old houses with their unique features such as antiquity and beautiful Iranian architecture have always been popular with tourists.

You can imagine yourself in a beautiful boutique hotel living in the traditional Iranian style. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in its beautiful courtyard with live music and lush scenery in the evenings.

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Introducing the best boutique hotels in Iran in 2023

Iran is a country with a civilization of thousands of years, and the traces of this history, culture, and authenticity can be seen in various places. From traditional bazaars in Iran, museums, and historical buildings to traditional accommodations and old hotels.

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Traditional Hotels in  isfahan

1- Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan, also known as Shah Abbasi Hotel, is a prime example of a traditional Persian hotel. This Iran Traditional Hotels used to be one of the Iranian caravanserais, built about 300 years ago during the reign of Shah Hussein Safavi. Due to its beautiful and unique architecture, it was chosen as the most beautiful hotel in the Middle East in 2017.

The architecture of this hotel is so beautiful that when you enter it, it feels like stepping into a museum where you can see the beautiful culture and art of Iranian architecture. The courtyard of the Abbasi Hotel represents the splendor of the Safavid era. Listening to live traditional music, walking in the pristine nature of the Abbasi traditional hotel’s garden, admiring the architecture, tiles, and plasterwork of this traditional hotel will intoxicate you.

The features of the Abbasi Hotel restaurant include mirrored walls, beautiful paintings, and amazing chandeliers. This traditional accommodation, which is actually a 5-star international hotel with 224 rooms, is one of the largest hotels in Iran. The Abbasi traditional hotel is located in the historical fabric of Isfahan city and has access to tourist attractions such as “Hasht Behesht Palace”, “si-o se pol”, “Naghsh-e-Jahan” Square, and the “Menar Jonban” monument.

Our recommendation to you is to definitely experience staying at the Abbasi traditional hotel if you like the atmosphere of traditional hotels. It will surely be an unforgettable experience.

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2- “Toloo-e Khorshid” Traditional Hotels in Isfahan

“Toloo-e Khorshid” hotel in Isfahan is one of the best traditional and, of course, 5-star hotels in the city, which offers a pleasant stay to tourists who travel to this beautiful city with its excellent facilities and services. This hotel has rooms and suites with beautiful traditional design and decoration, all equipped with full amenities such as TV, minibar, air conditioning, and private bathroom. “Toloo-e Khorshid” hotel in Isfahan provides many facilities, including conference room, restaurant with Iranian cuisine, and free internet for its guests. One of the good features of “Toloo-e Khorshid” hotel in Isfahan is its excellent location in the city center. Guests of this hotel can easily access Isfahan’s historical and tourist attractions such as “Naqsh-e Jahan” square, Imam Mosque, “Ali Qapu” palace, “Chehel Sotoun” palace, “Hasht Behesht” palace, etc.

3- “Atiq” Traditional Hotel in Isfahan

“Atiq” Traditional Hotel has a history of 200 years and has been registered as a national heritage site in Iran. The complex consists of 30 rooms located in two courtyards. The combination of two modern and traditional spaces with old architecture has made the “Atiq” Traditional Hotel popular among tourists. The mansion of this hotel is so beautiful that you will not be able to take your eyes off it.

Traditional Hotels in  kashan

Traditional hotels, also known as boutique hotels or historic hotels, are becoming increasingly popular among tourists who want to experience the authentic culture and architecture of Iran. Here are three of the most famous Iran traditional hotels in Kashan:

1- “Saraye Ameriha” Boutique Hotel – Traditional Hotels in Iran 

“Saraye Ameriha” Boutique Hotel is one of the oldest and largest traditional hotels in Iran, located in Kashan. The 5-star hotel features unique architectural spaces such as the “Shah Neshin”, “Aineh Khaneh”, “Haft Dari”, “vestibule”, Summer and Winter iwans, windcatcher and the Pond, which are of great architectural value. This hotel, covers an area of 9000 square meters, consists of 85 rooms, luxury suites with authentic Iranian culture in three categories of Presidential, Royal and Suite.

The historic house of “Ameriha” is older and more beautiful than all the traditional accommodations in Kashan to the extent that it is one of the top 25 hotels in the Middle East. The Ameri family’s house was built during the Zand Dynasty (1751-1794). The hotel’s features include its divided and interconnected house, rooms with carved ceilings, mirror works, gypsum walls painted with images of the past, Iranian carpets, large courtyards, water-filled ponds, and stunning architecture. The tallest windcatchers in Kashan belong to this traditional house.

2- “Khaneh Morshedi” – Iran Traditional Hotel

“Morshedi” traditional Hotel is about 200 years old that can be considered as a 4-star hotel. This Iranian traditional hotel has luxurious rooms with antique furnishings and authentic Iranian hand-woven carpets. The suites of “Morshedi” hotel are equipped with separate kitchens and traditional bathrooms.

3- “Khaneh Manouchehri” – Iran Traditional Hotel

The “Manouchehri” Traditional Hotel with its unique architecture has become very popular among tourists. The “Manouchehri” Boutique Hotel was built during the Safavid period and was once a private residence. This hotel is an example of authentic Iranian architecture that has survived for 400 years.

The house’s architecture is inspired by the culture and architecture of desert regions. The traditional “Manouchehri” Hotel has 20 rooms and several suites. The rooms have beautiful architecture and stained glass windows. All rooms have a view of the courtyard, garden, and waterfall.

Other features of this traditional hotel include delicate stucco work, decorative mirrors, stained glass, and brick flooring.

4- “Mahinestan Raheb” Traditional Hotel – Boutique hotels in Iran

This historic house dates back to the Qajar era and is located near the beautiful garden of Kashan. Despite its historical and traditional architecture, “mahinestan raheb” has modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. It features luxurious rooms, both summer and winter rooms, and has been chosen as the most magnificent historic hotel by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran.

5- “Darb-e Bagh” Traditional Hotel – Boutique hotels in Iran

“Darb-e Bagh” hotel has a history of more than 250 years, this hotel is one of the most beautiful old hotels in Isfahan province. It offers rooms with antique decor, traditional furniture, and modern facilities such as Iranian cuisine restaurant, cafe, conference hall, free parking and free Wi-Fi. Its excellent location also allows easy access to Kashan’s historical and tourist attractions.

Traditional Hotels in Yazd

1- “Moshir al-Mamalek” Traditional Hotel:

This Qajar-era building was originally a residential mansion built by “Moshir al-Mamalek”, one of the influential figures of that time. Today, it is a 4-star hotel that provides unique traditional architecture with modern facilities. It has a beautiful courtyard with fountains and a flowing stream, and traditional restaurants with Iranian food. This hotel is located at one of the entrances to the city of Yazd and offers easy access to all parts of the city.

2- Traditional Hotel “Malek ol-Tojjar” Yazd

One of the most beautiful traditional hotels in Iran is the traditional hotel “Malek ol-Tojjar” in Yazd, which dates back to the Qajar period and is known as the first adobe hotel in the world.

“Malek ol-Tojjar” is the nickname of Haj Ali Askar Shirazi, who was one of the merchants with a long history of Yazdi.

The traditional hotel “Malek Al-Tjajar” was in the possession of his family for four generations after him and they lived there, but today it has changed its use and has become one of the most beautiful traditional hotels in Iran.

The traditional hotel “Malek ol-Tojjar” is located in the center of Yazd and is very close to the traditional market of Yazd.

Among the features of historical hotel “Malek ol-Tojjar” are the original Yazdi architecture, beautiful entrance, Shahneshin, amazing wooden columns, mirrored rooms with beautiful painted ceilings, large and beautiful yard, large pond, windcatcher and underground corridors that It connects different parts of the building to each other.

3- “Dad” Traditional Hotel  Yazd – traditional hotels of Iran

“Dad” traditional hotel in Yazd is another Iran traditional hotels, although it has traditional architecture in the heart of the historical context of Yazd city, but with many facilities, 88 rooms including Royal Suite with classic design and modern amenities, it is considered a 4-star luxury hotel.

The facilities of this boutique hotel include swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and traditional massage, restaurant offering a variety of traditional dishes, etc.

The traditional hotel “Dad” is built on three floors. By sitting on its roof, you can watch the beauty of Yazd city.

The unique features of this hotel include a combination of traditional architectural elements such as clay, clay bricks, colorful tiles, colored glass and wooden doors.

The traditional hotel “Dad” of Yazd has a good location and is close to Zoroastrian fire temple and Amir Chakhmaq complex and other historical places of Yazd.

4- “Vali” Traditional Hotel  Yazd

Most of the old hotels in Yazd belong to the Qajar period, but the traditional “Vali” hotel is older than all of them and belongs to the Safavid era. The Vali Hotel in Yazd is about 400 years old and has well displayed the authentic Iranian architecture of the Safavid era.

Among the beauties of this boutique hotel, we can mention the beautiful plasterwork inside the mansion, Narenjestan and the large pond in the middle of the yard. This hotel is located in the historical complex “Amir Chakhmaq” and has excellent access to the old context of Yazd.

5- “Fahadan” Traditional Hotel  Yazd

The traditional “Fahadan” hotel, which is also known as a museum, is located near Yazd Grand Mosque and in the center of Fahadan neighborhood. This old hotel is a 250-year-old historical work belonging to the Qajar era, which is also known as the house of Tehranis, and has been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran.

One of the unique features of this hotel is the treasure of historical and old monuments, the central courtyard and Narenjestan, the Kolah Farangi mansion, three beautiful wind towers, a large hall and a large roof overlooking the historical context of Yazd.

6- “Avasa” Traditional hotel Yazd – traditional hotels in Iran

The traditional hotel “Avasa” is one of the most attractive traditional hotels in Iran in the city of Yazd. This hotel has rooms and suites with complete and modern facilities and equipment, and due to its traditional and beautiful architecture, it is a stylish and luxurious hotel in a traditional and friendly environment for tourists.

The distinctive features of “Avasa Hotel” include its beautiful and unique design, stylish rooms with full facilities and traditional Iranian cuisine. Also, the good location of the hotel helps in easy access to the historical and sightseeing places of Yazd city.

The facilities of this hotel include, conference hall, study and work hall and free internet.

7- “Laleh” Hotel  Yazd

Traditional “Laleh” Hotel is one of the most famous traditional hotels of Iran located in Yazd city, which is popular among tourists with its traditional architecture and all amenities.

This boutique hotel is located in the center of Yazd and has 80 rooms with traditional decoration.

Despite the traditional architecture, “Laleh Hotel” also has facilities such as elevator, parking, room service and laundry.

The easy access of the hotel to the sightseeing attractions of Yazd, such as Atashkade and Iranian gardens, is considered an advantage.

last word

Iran traditional hotels, with beautiful architecture and unique designs, are an excellent accommodation for tourists. Boutique hotels help tourists to establish a closer relationship with the culture and traditions of Iran. The Iran Traditional Hotels are one of the cultural and tourism milestones of the country and attract countless foreign travelers.


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