Yazd Sweets

Yazd Sweets

Yazd is one of the must-see places in Iran, known for its old town and the “Badgir” wind towers. The beauties and historical monuments of this city attract tourists from all over the world. Some of Yazd’s traditional sweets have many admirers not only in Iran, but also around the world.

Qottab: The indescribable sweetness of this delicious dessert is the powdered sugar that remains on our fingers when we take a bite. Qottab is one of the most famous and popular traditional sweets in Yazd province.

The Qottab consists of two parts, known as the outer and inner shell. The outer layer is fried in oil and is composed of wheat flour, milk, yogurt and egg yolk. This layer, after frying, is coated with powdered sugar. The inner core consists of a mixture of powdered almonds, powdered sugar, and cardamom. Among Iranian sweets, the ones that are absolutely worth trying are: Sohan, Gaz, Qotab, Baqlava and Kolouché.

Yazd Cupcakes: Another of the traditional sweets of the Yazd province is the so-called “Yazdí Cupcake”, known throughout Iran. This delicious cake is one of the desserts that are also prepared in other parts of the country and served during religious ceremonies, to welcome guests or even during other gatherings. To prepare these muffins, flour, pistachio, yogurt, vanilla, salt, eggs, baking soda and powdered sugar are used.

Baklava: It is a popular and traditional Iranian dessert that is prepared in some provinces such as Yazd. The inhabitants of Yazd province also prepare another type of this dessert, known as Baklava Yazdi. It is a nice, delicious, popular and charming dessert that can be easily prepared at home with some time and patience. To prepare this dessert, you need egg yolk, oil, yeast, butter, salt, rose water, white flour, sugar, water, powdered pistachio, powdered almond, cardamom, and powdered sugar.

Pashmak (cotton candy): a light candy like straw, soft like cotton, sweet like honey and very delicious. The ingredients of the Pashmak are: sugar, flour, oil, vinegar and water.

Manqa: another traditional dessert from the Yazd province. This local sweet looks and tastes different from its compatriots, and occupies a special place among the people of Yazd. One of the necessary utensils to cook Manqa is the mold that is used to shape it and then fry it in oil. Starch, rose water, rice flour, white flour, eggs, saffron and sugar are used to prepare Manqa.

Haji Badam: it is a delicious, tasty and aromatic dessert. It is one of the most consumed foods that has earned a good position among Iranian families. This delicious dessert is one of the traditional sweets of the Yazd province. It is widely prepared in many cities in the country such as Kashan. To prepare Haji Badam, you need rose water, egg yolk, baking soda, powdered sugar, cardamom, and almonds.

Noql: this candy evokes in the memory of Iranians many beautiful and sweet memories of childhood since grandparents always had it in their pockets to flatter the palate of their grandchildren. And even today guests are greeted with tea and Noql on a saucer. Noql is not lacking even in ceremonies and, like the white rice tradition, in Iran the Noql is thrown at brides and symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Noql is made by combining simple ingredients like almonds and pistachios that are covered in a sugary white coating.


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