Gaz, delicious nougat from Isfahan

Gaz is the main souvenir of Isfahan, as well as Hamedan (Nahavand), Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiarí, Kermán and Yazd, among the famous and traditional sweets of Iran. Mohammad Ali Shekrchian was the first producer and inventor of gaz in Isfahan. The ingredients of this sweet are: sugar, egg white, almonds or pistachios, and Persian rose water. Gaz de Isfahan is among the best products in the country whose production has a centuries-old history. According to the accounts, the gaz of Isfahan originated in this city for the first time during the Safavid period, at the same time as the revival of Iranian art and culture, and now more than 90% of this sweet is produced in Isfahan. Gaz is made in various forms, such as flour gaz (preserved in flour), Loghmeh gaz, etc.


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