Baklava of Yazd, Qazvín and Tabriz

Baklava is a popular and traditional Iranian dessert that is prepared and baked in some provinces such as Yazd and Qazvin. The inhabitants of Yazd province also prepare another type of this dessert as a traditional dessert in their city which is known as Baklava Yazdi. It is a pleasant, delicious, popular and charming dessert that is easily prepared at home with some time and patience. In Yazd province, egg yolk, oil, yeast, butter, salt, rose water, white flour, sugar, water, powdered pistachio, powdered almond and cardamom are used to prepare Baklava. Among Iranian sweets, the ones you should definitely try are: Sohan, Gaz, Qottab, Baklava and Koluche.


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