Khameh Duzi

Sistan and Baluchistan Khameh Duzi

Traditional embroidery

Khameh Duzi is a subcategory of traditional Iranian embroidery. This work is common in the province of Sistan and Baluchistan, especially in the city of Zabol. The word “Khameh”, which has its origin in the word “kham”, which means raw, refers to the fact that raw silk threads and without having been dyed are used to make embroidery on soft white fabrics. The silk thread, with its special luster, is used to create geometric patterns such as squares, diamonds on a white and matte background, creating not only a spectacular sight, but also adding to the durability and strength of the fine fabric. This type of embroidery is mainly applied to clothing, men’s headdresses, tablecloths, and many other fabrics.

The tools and materials needed for Khameh Duzi are satin or cotton cloth, needle, mirror, and white silk thread. In the case of clothing, Khameh Duzi is accompanied by the Siah Duzi, a type of embroidery with black thread. For example, the buttonhole is sewn with black thread and the collar and sleeves are decorated with black stitches.


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