Firuzeh Kubi

Firuzeh Kubi (Turquoise Inlay) from Isfahan

One of the most popular crafts in Iran is the turquoise inlay. The Firuzeh Kubi consists of small pieces of turquoise stone that are embedded, like a mosaic, in a copper, silver, brass or bronze base, covering the entire base or parts of it. Firuzeh Kubi is a fairly recent profession, barely started seventy years ago. It was first invented to decorate jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, brooches, etc. Today, the Firuzeh Kubi is one of the most famous souvenirs in Isfahan. The turquoise gems used in this craft come from stone workshops and from stones not usable for other purposes.

To fill the gaps between the inlays, the base is heated to 40°C, rubber powder is poured in, and the gaps are filled with smaller pieces. The remaining spaces will be filled with blue wax. In the next step, the surface is smoothed and finally the product is polished to a smooth, shiny surface. Firuzeh Kubi amphoras and vases are among the most coveted items in Isfahan.


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