What is the dress code in Iran for tourists?

Here, there some tips to considerate for choosing the most suitable attire for your trip: comfortable clothes and items according to the season. Hence, it is highly advisable to wear sport clothes, making movements easier without obstructing circulation system by elastic bands or tight ties. You had better discard garments of synthetic fibers that avoid sweating, especially on hot days. Do not forget the technique of getting dressed in layers which adapts the body temperature better to climatic variations and protects it against wind and temperature changes.

For women, a light cotton scarf is sufficient, especially in summer, and loose shirts that cover the body shape. The best outfit for women can be loose long-sleeved blouses and not very tight or transparent pants, regardless of the color. Makeup, nail polish or sandals without sock are allowed.

Except shorts and sleeveless shirts, men can wear every outfit.