Rules regarding the delivery of lost or left articles at the airport

It is possible that some passengers’ baggage and cargo may be lost of left in the terminal upon arrival or departure or during the inspection procedure, as well as the possibility of taking the wrong baggage. In that case, as soon as becoming aware of what has happened, you should report it immediately to the baggage handler. If the owner is unknown, the item must be delivered to the airport police station where other passengers, who have lost their items, can go and retrieve them.

It also can be done by following the rules below once you arrive at your home country or a few days later.

In order to be recognized as the owner of the lost cargo by the police you should take:

  • Your original passport or any identification document such as birth certificate or ID card.
  • Original power of attorney, in case of emergency.
  • Original title, product packaging or purchase invoice (for products such as cell phone, laptop and camera)
  • Original purchase invoice, if the missing item is gold or jewelry.