The desert closest to the city of Isfahan and the most famous in this province is called the Varzaneh desert. It is located 100 km east of Isfahan, 150 km west of Yazd and is surrounded by the city of Varzaneh and Zayandeh Rud to the north and the Gavkhuni wetland to the east. The entire Varzaneh Desert is covered by longitudinal pyramidal dunes in the shape of a crescent, reaching a height of 100 meters at the highest points.

The Varzaneh Desert is also known as the Khara Desert and takes its name from the vast Khara Desert. But today, in the desert division of this region, the Khara Desert and the Varzaneh Desert are considered two distinct desert areas. Currently, the Khara Desert is located 30 km from the Varzaneh Desert, near the town of Khara.

Varzaneh is one of the most beautiful deserts of Iran in the province of Isfahan and Lake Gavkhuni is one of the most important places near this desert. The existence of the Gavkhuni wetland has led to the appearance of shrubs and animal species in this area. Of course, it must be remembered that this wetland has no water during the hot months of the year.

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