Rig-e Jenn

Rig-e Jenn

The Rig-e Jenn desert in Semnan is known as a mysterious and fascinating place throughout Iran. There is no trace of life in this desert, which is part of the central desert of Iran in the desert plain where the third largest sand dune in Iran is located.

The Rig-e Jenn desert covers an area of ​​about 3,800 square kilometers and its swamps are very dangerous. Rig-e Jenn is known among its inhabitants for being sinister, terrifying, and mysterious. The reason is, in fact, the legends that are told about the silence and the noises of the wind in the area. Due to the lack of vegetation and strong winds, the appearance of the sandstones is constantly changing. The eroded plain of the Rig-e Jenn desert is littered with sand dunes, and salt deposits everywhere make access to different parts of the desert impossible.

For many years, due to the anonymity of this area and its dangers, no one visited this desert. Also, it was very worrying for travelers going to this region to be trapped in the sand. The lack of access to this desert and the fear of entering it sparked many rumors until 1997 when an Iranian desert scientist flew over the Rig-e Jenn desert with the head of Kavir National Park. A year later, with his entire team they crossed the desert and put an end to the unfounded rumors about this region.

The lack of access to parts of the Rig-e Jenn desert until then, due to lack of water and saline resources and the high impassable dunes, had led the inhabitants to consider the control of the area to alien forces and jinn. Other reasons for the rumors were the overheating of the desert and strong winds. The large difference in temperature between day and night causes the rocks to collapse, creating a terrible noise in the desert. This phenomenon is called “stone crying.” Around the desert, the dunes are surrounded by different heights and mountains, but there is no clear boundary to the Rig-e Jenn desert.

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