The Reygan Desert is part of the Lut Desert and is located in the extreme southeast of the Kerman province. The appearance of the sandstones in this desert is different from that of other deserts in Iran. The Reygan desert is light in color and the sand dunes reach a height of 75 meters. According to the locals, the sands of this desert have healing properties.

The dunes of the Reygan desert, located in a north-south direction, are 20 km long and 4 km wide. There are many towns around the desert. The Reygan sands are expanding and the extent of desertification in this desert threatens the habitat of the locals. Near the Reygan desert are the typical forests of the region that have had a significant impact on the control of desertification. Trees in this region have been severely damaged by drought; Fortunately, these plants are very resistant to desiccation. These trees have a great capacity to absorb moisture from their leaves.

The Iranian hedgehog is an endangered species that lives in the Reygan desert. The protection and maintenance of this rarity is of great importance to the international community in the environmental field. A species of lizard lives among the nests and holes dug in the desert. Other animal species in this desert are foxes, sand cats, hawks, and other birds of prey.

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