The Mesr Desert is one of the most famous in the province of Isfahan and boasts a beautiful and unique nature. Mesr, which means Egypt in Persian, is a desert town located in the central district of Khur, in the province of Isfahan, 45 km from the city of Jandaq and 371 km from Yazd.

Mesr is an oasis located in the central desert of Iran, and is best known for its unique sand hills and incredible bamboo field. The sandy hills that surround the town are known as thrones because strong winds have flattened the surface creating special and attractive shapes. Takht-e Arús and Takht-e Abbasi are among the most famous flat hills in the area. To get to these sandy hills, you have to travel a short distance through the desert, which is only possible in 4 × 4. Once at the top of each sand throne, there will be a breathtaking view of the town and the desert.

One of the most important places in the desert is the “salt lake.” Of course, this lake is not permanent and is one of the largest seasonal salt lakes in Iran. The salt extracted from this lake is the oldest in Iran. The lake has a peculiar appearance and its bottom is covered in pentagonal shapes covered with salt. In winter these shapes turn black due to the combination with clay and in summer they turn white. Another attraction of the desert is the Neyzar (reed bed). This area, with reeds surrounded by quicksand, is located 6 km northeast of the town of Mesr. The height of these reeds reaches up to four meters, so they constitute an adequate refuge for the animals of the area.

The old name of the village was Joseph, changed to Chah Deraz (long well) as this deep well provided water to the village. With its beautiful gardens, the town of Mesr is a green dot in the middle of the arid desert that makes this oasis so special for travelers. The highlight is undoubtedly the beautiful night sky when the stars seem as close as if they touch the sands.

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