Rafsanjan, an ancient city in the Kerman province, is the Iranian center for the cultivation and trade of pistachios. In addition, it is an important carpet weaving center.

Copper is another important Rafsanjan product found in the Sarcheshmeh copper mines. This city is known more under the name of “city of the pistachios”.

Rageh cannon

Due to the climatic conditions, tourist attractions, ecotourism, geotourism, and nature tourism, Kerman has gained a lot of fame to discover it. The Rageh Strait is one of the natural beauties like the Kaluts of Shahdad. Located near the city of Rafsanjan, it is about 20 kilometers long and 80 meters deep. The Rageh Canyon, probably one of the unique natural phenomena of this city, was created by the Guivdary River, its floods and soil erosion over thousands of years. This previously unknown valley has started to attract the attention of tourists in recent years.

Rafsanjan Anthropological Museum, Aqa Seyed Mehdi Bath

It is a cultural complex formerly known as the “Aqa Seyed Mehdi bathhouse”, which was later converted into a museum. The museum exhibits all kinds of sculptures, antiques, weaving tools, spinning wheels, water mills, stone boilers, ceramics, and photographs of the elders and rulers of Rafsanjan from the Qajar and Pahlavi eras.

Caravanserai of Rafsanjan

In the city of Rafsanyán you will find many historical monuments and ancient buildings, each of which has witnessed many historical events. The Kabutar Khan Caravanserai is another masterpiece of the city’s historical monuments, dating back to the Safavid period.

Rafsanjan Old Bazaar

One of the most important economic and commercial centers since ancient times. The Rafsanjan bazaar can be considered a symbol of the architecture of different eras and is presented as one of the historical monuments of the Kerman province and the city of Rafsanjan. It is a complex made up of a saray, a water reservoir, a Saqa khaneh, some public baths, a caravanserai and a mosque. In the immediate vicinity of the bazaar and on the main street there are several shops that put their 50 kg bags of pistachios on the sidewalk. In fact, these are the stores of the main pistachio producers in the area and offer the market all the variety of pistachios from the region. The buying and selling of pistachios has made Rafsanjan a very important center for the trade, import and export of Iranian pistachios.

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